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Page Title: Metal fabrication.
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3.8 Identification marking.
The kit shall be identified in accordance with
3.9 Workmanship.  Each mounting kit component shall be clean and free from
sand, dirt, fins, pits, scale, corrosion, burrs, sharp edges, cracks, poor or
welds not meeting drawing requirements, or any other defects that could impair
the mounting of the kit.
3.9.1 Metal fabrication.  Metal used in fabrication shall be free of kinks and
sharp bends.  The straightening of material shall be done by methods that will
not damage the material.  Corners shall be square and true. All bends shall be
made with controlled means to ensure uniformity of size and shape.  Precaution
shall be taken to avoid overheating.  Heated aluminum shall be allowed to cool by
natural convection. External surfaces shall be free from burrs, sharp edges, and
corners, except when sharp edges or corners are required or where they are not
detrimental to safety.
3.9.2 Welding.  The surfaces of parts to be welded shall be free from rust,
corrosion, scale, paint, and grease, and from mill scale that can be removed by
chipping and wire brushing, as well as from other foreign matter.  Welds shall
withstand stress without permanent deformation or failure when the parts
connected by the welds are subjected to proof and service loading,  Parts to be
joined by fillet welds shall be brought into as close contact as possible, and in
no event shall be separated by more than 3/16 inch unless appropriate bridging
techniques are usede. The welding process used in fabrication of the mounting kit
shall be as specified in applicable drawings. No deviation from these
requirements are permissible without prior Government approval. Welders.  Before assigning any welder to manual welding work covered
by this specification, the contractor shall provide the contracting officer with
certification that the welder has passed qualification tests as prescribed by
either of the following listed codes for the type of welding operations to be
performed and that such qualification is effective as defined by the particular
- AWS D1.1,  Structural Welding Code, Section 5, Qualification
- ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section IX, Welding Qualifications
Contractors who make only horizontal welds need not qualify welders for "all
position welding."  Subject to approval by the Government, the contractor's
standard welder qualification may be substituted for the above codes, provided
that the contractor's procedure is equivalent to the above codes. The contractor
shall be responsible for determining that automatic welding equipment operators
are capable of producing quality welds in accordance with AWS or ASME codes. Inspection.  Inspect all welds as per drawing. No cracks are
permissible.  Workmanship specimens that are required by the applicable
specifications shall be approved by Quality Assurance representatives of the
procuring activity.

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