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Page Title: High intensity shock.
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4.5.12 High intensity shock. Mount the mounting kit, using the installed interface
configuration for its intended application, or equivalent, and subject it to the test of
MIL-STD-810, method 516.2, procedure VI to verify conformance with 3.6.5. A total of three
half sine wave shock pulses is to be applied in both directions along each of three mutually
prependicular axes for a total of 18 shocks. Peak amplitude is to be in accordance with 3.6.5.
During exposure the assembly is to be monitored visually to verify it remains intact and that no
parts of the assembly become secondary projectiles.
4.5.13 Submergence. To verify conformance of 3.6.6 perform the submergence test as
Install seal caps to all electrical connectors and pressurize the assembly with air through a
pressure adapter to 6.0 0.5 psig. Submerge the assembly in a suitably-sized container of clear
water to a depth of 6.0 (1.0, -0.0) inch (measure to verify submergence depth between the water
surface and the top surface of the assembly) for a minimum period of 5 minutes. Observe the
assembly for leakage as evidenced by air bubbles escaping from the interior of the assembly. Any
indication of leakage is cause for rejection. Remove the assembly from the water prior to venting
the assembly pressure to zero psig. After exposure to the submergence test, subject the assembly
to the performance tests of 4.5.3.
4.5.14 Cleaning spray. Subject the mounting kit to a cleaning spray test as specified in 3.6.7.
After exposure to the cleaning spray, the assembly is to be subjected to the performance tests
of 4.5.3.
4.5.15 Safety. The mounting kit shall be evaluated for safety requirements throughout testing
as specified herein. Nonconformance to 3.10 shall constitute failure of this test.
4.5.16 Human factors engineering. The mounting kit shall be evaluated by a qualified human
factors engineer. Nonconformance to 3.5.10 shall constitute failure of this inspection.
4.6 Inspection of packaging.
4.6.1 First article packaging inspection. The first article pack shall be examined for the
defects listed in The presence of one or more defects shall be cause for rejection.
4.6.2 Quality conformance inspection of packaging. Unit of product. For the purpose of inspection only, a unit of product shall be a
complete mounting kit that has been prepared for shipment. Sampling. Sampling for inspection shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-105.

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