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Page Title: Instruction handbook and contents chart.
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The case shall be fiberglass with an aluminum alloy frame
3.2.1 Case.
(see 4.8.1).
3.2.2 Hinged covers and attaching components.  The hinged covers and
attaching components shall be aluminum alloy, clear anodized in accordance
with MIL-F­14072 (see 4.8.1).
3.2.3 Clasps, handles, and hinges.  The clasps, handles, and hinges
shall be suitably protected to resist corrosion (see 4.8.1).
3.2.4 Inserts and retainer pads.  The inserts and retainer pads shall be
fire-retardant foamed polyethylene in accordance with PPP-C-1752 (see 4.8.1).
3.2.5 Instruction handbook sheets and contents charts.  The instruction
handbook sheets and contents charts shall be 0.020-inch thick white vinyl
(see 4.8.1).
3.2.6 Adhesives.  Adhesives shall be in accordance with MMM-A-121,
MMM-A-130, MMM-A-132, or MMM-A-134 (see 4.8.1).
3.2.7 Dissimilar metals.  The use of dissimilar metals in contact with
each other shall be avoided unless suitably protected against electrolytic
corrosion in accordance with requirement 16 of MIL-STD-454.  Dissimilar
metals are as specified in MIL­STD-889 (see 4.8.1).
3.3 Design and construction.  The kit shall be designed and constructed
as specified herein (see 4.5.2 and 4.8.2).
The kit shall conform to figures 1 and 2 (see
3.3.1 Configuration.
4.5.2 and 4.8.2).
3.3.2 Color.  The color of the case shall be olive drab in accordance
with number 24087 of FED­STD-595 (see 4.5.2 and 4.8.2).
3.3.3 Rubber feet.  Rubber feet shall be provided on the back and bottom
of the case as shown in figures 1 and 2 (see 4.8.3).
3.3.4 Hinged covers.  The hinged covers shall be as shown in figure 2.
Each hinged cover shall have latch and a retainer pad (see figure 5)
permanently affixed to the underside that will retain the tools in their
respective positions when the hinged cover is closed.  Each hinged cover
shall have a warning label stating:  "CAUTION:  Lock this lid before
closing" (see 4.8.3).
3.3.5 Instruction handbook and contents chart.  The lettering shall be
black, legible, and protected with a transparent coating.  The instruction
handbook shall contain a cover sheet with appropriate identification,
detailed tool usage instructions and diagrams, and a connector part number
breakdown appendix giving the shell sizes, insert arrangements, and the
sizes and quantities of contacts found in the connectors serviced by the tool
kit.  The contents charts shall be centered on the inside of the top and
bottom hinged covers, shall have a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing, and
shall show the insert cavity configurations (see figures 3 and 4) and the
respective tool part numbers (see 4.8.3).

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