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Page Title: Documentation of plan for safety in handling and processing of munitions
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3.7  Controls in use of adhesives.  The contractor shall develop
a documented operational procedure for utilization of adhesives.
This procedure shall provide for quality control of raw materials
and process to be used; details associated with intended use, such
as proper handling, dispensing, mixing, curing cycles, pot life,
etc., cleaning agents, safety precautions, special ventilation,
drying or other processes, and any other information of a similar
nature that is considered necessary for the particular adhesive in
use.  This procedure shall be updated whenever a change is made such
that the original assurance of product quality is affected.
Submission of this procedure shall be in accordance with Data Item
(See 6.9)
Description DI-T-5372 (Tailored).
3.8  Documentation of plan for safety in handling and processing
of munitions.  Prior to loading, the contractor shall document a
detailed plan of the procedures to be employed during handling of
the munition.  This documentation shall describe, as a minimum, the
procedures to be employed to assure that the temperature of the
electronics assemblies, mine assemblies, do not exceed 165F at
any time during processing or storage and in such instances the time
at 165F shall not exceed one (1) hour unless otherwise specified
herein.  In no case shall continuous storage of the items be at a
temperature above 100F for a period exceeding 30 days.
Submission of the plan shall be in accordance with data item
(See 6.9)
description DI-R-5372 (tailored).
3.9 First article inspection.  This specification contains
technical provisions for first article inspection.  Requirements for
the submission of first article samples by-the contractor shall be
as specified in the contract.
3.10 Data requirement.  The contractor shall generate data in
accordance with the requirements of the data item description cited
in 6.9.
3.11 Workmanship.  All parts and assemblies shall be
fabricated, loaded and assembled in a thorough workmanlike manner,
and all manufacturing, processing, and assembling operations shall
be correctly performed.  All parts and assemblies shall be clean,
free of burrs, sharp edges, cracks, dirt, grease, rust, and other
foreign matter that may impair proper functioning.  The cleaning
method used shall not be injurious to any part, nor shall the parts
be contaminated by the cleaning agent(s).  Exterior surface coating
shall be continuous except for a few light scratches not exposing
base material.  All required markings shall be neat and sharply
defined.  Required packing shall be dry.  The boosters and main
charges shall be free of surface defects (voids, protrusions,
inclusions).  Breakage (chips, nicks) on the outside edge (corner)
of the main charge not exceeding 1/8 sq. inch in area, 1/8 inch in
depth, and not exceeding three (3) per side are acceptable.

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