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Page Title: Tactical HE test mines.
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4.5.4  Mine functioning.  Mine functioning will consist of
initiating the mine; arming of the S&A; and functioning as follows:
a.  Initiating and emplacing.  Using the airgun launcher,
and SD setter (4.4.5), the lot acceptance test mines shall be given
the MCD signal, and launched into a test pit containing a microphone
and target signature coil.  This sequence will activate the mine and
commit-to-arm the S&A assembly.
b.  Final arming.  After activation and the elapse of arming
time specified in Dwg. 9332388, the piston actuator will be
initiated releasing the spring loaded slider to the in-line position.
c.  Mine functioning.  After final arming and elapse of the
maximum enable time, plus one hour minimum (See 6.6), the mines
shall be functioned, by target sensor or SD modes.
d.  Recording of events.  Recording instruments shall be
used to determine the test times to events.  The starting point for
arming time, enable time, SD time, etc. shall be the application of
the MCD pulse to the mine.  All test mines shall be serialized and
their location noted to insure that the correct times are recorded
for each mine.
4.5.5 Tactical HE test mines.  Following initiation (MCD) and
emplacement (airgun) of mine into a test pit, a target identical to
that shown in Fig. 1 shall be positioned over a test mine.  The
mines shall be emplaced with the faces randomly oriented on a flat
horizontal surface.  After the time interval for arming and enable
(6.6) events has elapsed, a valid target signature shall be
If any mine fails to function after the first attempt, the
signature simulator circuit adequacy shall be checked and if found
adequate, a second and third attempt shall be made to function the
mine by the simulator.  Success in the second or third attempt will
be reported as a second or third attempt success.  Failure in the
third attempt will be classed defective, reported as a dud and the
mine will be destroyed in place.  Observation shall be made for
compliance with requirements of 3.6.2,1.  The time between
functional attempts shall be no less than 5 minutes. Self destruct (SD) mode.  The test mines shall be
initiated (MCD) and emplaced (airgun) into a test pit for self
destruct functioning.  If a mine fails to function by the set self
destruct time plus 24 hours, a valid target signature shall be
applied.  Observation shall be made for compliance with requirements
of  Any mine failing to comply with the requirements
of, or 3.6.3 shall be classed defective.  Any mine failing
to function in both modes shall be destroyed in place (See 6.6 e and
Enable time is defined as the maximum electronic arm time
specified on DWG. 9332388, plus 5 minutes, minimum, after
application of electromagnetic pulse (MCD).

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