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Page Title: Correction counter operation.
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MIL-M-70742 (AR) Correction counter.  With the mount and fixture set
as outlined in, rotate the correction counter to the
minimum setting specified in  Return the elevation counter
to zero.  By means of the fixture,level the elevation level vial
of the mount.  Do not override this level position.  Place the
inspection aid on the quadrant seat assembly and set the inspection
aid vial to indicate level.  Read the angle on the inspection aid.
This reading to be identical to the correction counter reading
within the limits of  Repeat this procedure at the
setting specified in each side of zero correction. Counter alignment.  Actuate the elevation knob
through its complete travel range.  During this travel make a
minimum of 2 stops each side of zero elevation, and by standard
measuring equipment? determine if digit alignment is within the
limits outlined in Correction counter operation.  This test may be
performed in conjunction with the previous test. Visually
determine that when a negative correction is inserted in the
mount, the elevation counter reading increases an equal amount.
Also, determine that when a positive correction is inseted in the
mount, the elevation counter reading decreases an equal amount.
Using the test procedure outlined in, determine that the
inserted correction factors are recorded on the elevation counter
as specified in Torques.  All torque readings specified in 3.6.5
shall be measured using standard torque wrench and appropriate
adapters,  All readings to conform to the values specified in
3.6.5 for the temperature specified. Cant operation.  With the mount and fixture
positioned as outlined in, rotate the auxiliary
telescope's line of sight 1600 mils and engage the locating pin in
the proper locating hole indicated in the set up instructions
similar to 117308731.  The line of sight shall coincide with the
vertical target line with the limits outlined, in
Elevation angle of the quadrant seat shall coincide with the
elevation reading shown on the elevation counter within the limits
of  Elevate and cant the fixture to selected set of
values (Table III) and set the mount off an equal amount in the
opposite direction.  The telescope's line of sight shall coincide
with the target vertical centeline within the limits outlined in
4.6.3 Illumination.  Place 50% neutral density filter in
front of the counters and level vials.  In a darkened area
visually inspect for conformance with 3.7.

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