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Page Title: Preparation for Delivery
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Preproduction inspection
Protrators, Fan..Range Deflection: Aluminum Graduated in Mils and Meters
Ordering data Procurement documents should specify the following:

be packed in boxes conforming to Specifica-
arm shall be determined by drawing two
tion PPP-B-621, class 2, style optional, or in
straight lines not less than 48 inches long
boxes conforming to Specification PPP- B-
and not more than 0.005 inch wide on a sheet
601, overseas type style optional. The boxes
of paper to form an angle of 1 mil plus or
shall be close fitting and strapping shall be
minus 0.1 roil. A pin with a diameter between
zinc coated. The gross weight of each box
0.040 and 0.041 inch shall be positioned at the
shall not exceed 200 pounds. -
point of intersection of the two lines. The
angle formed by the two lines shall be bi-
5.2.2 Level B. The protractors of like size
sected by a straight line not more than 0.003
and description shall be packed in boxes con-
inch wide and extending from a point within
forming to Specification PPP­B-621, Class 1,
6 inches of the pin to the outer ends of the
style optional, in boxes conforming to
intersecting lines. The protractor pivot point
Specification PPP-B-601, domestic type,
shall be firmly seated on the pin during the
style optional, or in boxes conforming to
test. The protractor shall be rotated about
Specification PPP-E-585, class 1 or 2, style
the pin until the ruling edge contacts the line
optional. The gross weight of each box shall
bisecting the angle formed by the test lines at
not exceed 200 pounds.
the outermost graduation of the range arm.
5.2.3 Level C. The protractors shall be
Evidence of any deviation from straightness
packed to insure safe arrival at destination
which causes the ruling edge of the range
at lowest, rates in containers complying with
arm to lie outside either of the two test lines
Uniform Freight Classification Rules, Na-
at any point between the numbered grad-
tional Motor Freight Classification Rules, or
uations shall constitute failure of this test.
other carrier rules applicable to the mode of
4.7 Inspection of preparation for delivery.
The packaging, packing, and marking shall be
5.3 Marking. Packages and shipping con-
examined for compliance with section 5 of
tainers shall be marked in accordance with
this specification.
Standard MIL-STD-129.
5.1 Packaging. Packaging shall be level A
or C, as specified (see 6.2).
6.1 Intended use. The protractors are in-
tended for use in graphical determination of
5.1.1 Level A. The protractors shall be
artillery ranges and deflection angles to
individually packaged in commercial con-
targets from gun positions and reference
tainers or in boxes conforming to Specifica-
points plotted on 1:25,000 or 1:50,000 scale
tion PPP-B-566.
firing charts. Intermediate packaging. The pro-
6.2 Ordering data Procurement documents
tractors of like size and description shall be
should specify the following:
intermediate packaged together in quantities
(a) Title, number, and date of this SPe
not to exceed 12 in a box conforming to
Specification PPP-B-636, class 2, compliance
(b) Class of protractor required (see
symbol as applicable, style optional.
5.1.2 Level C. The protractors shall be
(c) Administrative provisions for in-
spection records (see 4.1 ).
packaged to afford protection against de-
terioration and damage.
(d) Level of packaging and level of
packing required (see 5.1 and 5.2).
5.2 Packing. Packing shall be level A, 33, or
Notice. When Government drawings, specifications,
C, as specified (see 6.2).
or data are used for
any purpose other than in con-
5.2.1 Level A. The intermediate packaged
nection with a definitely related Governmcnt procure-
the United States Government
protractors of like size and description shall
ment operation,

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