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Page Title: Requirements
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2.3.  Order of precedence.  In the event of a conflict between the text of this
specification and the references cited herein (except for associated detail
specifications, specification sheets or MS standards), the text of this speci-
fication shall take precedence.  Nothing in this specification, however, shall
supersede applicable laws and regulations unless a specific exemption has been
3.1 Standard product. Type I pallets shall be completely assembled and ready
for use when presented for Government acceptance. Components for type II
pallets shall be sized and finished as specified herein and furnished with
sufficient hardware to permit field assembly.
Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), the
First article inspection.
supplier shall furnish a pallet (or pallets) as specified in the contract or
purchase order to prove, before production is commenced, that his production
methods and design detail will produce pallets, within the time frame speci-
The sample
fied, that comply with the requirements of this specification.
shall be constructed in the same facilities to be used for the manufacture of
the production item.  Examination and tests shall be those specified in Section
4. Any changes or deviations from the sample during production shall be
subject to the approval of the contracting officer or his authorized repre-
sentative.  Approval of the sample shall not relieve the supplier of his
obligation to furnish pallets conforming to this specification.
3.2 Materials. Materials shall be as specified herein.
3.2.1 Wood. Wood shall be of any of the species or combination thereof, within
the group specified from MIL-STD-731 or ANSI/AITG A190.1. Unless otherwise
specified (see 6.2), Style 1, Style 1A and style 1B pallets shall be con-
structed of woods from Group IV of MIL-STD-731 or Table 1 of ANSI/AITC A190.1.
Style 2 pallets shall be constructed of woods from Groups I, II and III of
MIL-STD-731 unless otherwise specified (see 6.2). Quality of wood. Wood quality shall comply with the minimum require-
ments of MIL-STD-731 or ANSI/AITC A190.1. Wood shall be free of decay which
can be detected visually or by abnormal brashness when picked with a sharp
Lumber shall be free from insects, beetles, powder post beetle
deterioration, and any other infestation at time of delivery, that may result
in subsequent pallet destruction. To ensure that the pallet is completely free
of the oak wilt fungus, all hardwood and softwood component parts shall be
absolutely free from bark. Moisture content. At the time of fabrication at the manufacturer's
plant, the average moisture content of wood components for class 1 pallets
shall conform to detailed requirements specified by MIL-STD-731 or ANSI/AITC
A190.1 if laminated lumber is used.  Moisture content for wood components for
class 2 pallets is unrestricted. When water-borne salt treatment is used
(Womanized or equivalent) moisture measurement shall comply with the require-
ments of paragraph herein. Preservative treatment. When specified, (see 6.2), pallets or fin-
ished wood parts thereof shall be completely immersed for a minimum of one

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