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Page Title: Fabrication of pallets
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4, or chisel point conforming to the same specification.  Staples, when used,
shall be 3/16 inch (5 mm) crown width conforming to FF-N-105, type III, style
3. Length of staples shall be as specified in Table II.  Staples shall pass
through the boards and clinch.  Length and size of roils shall be as specified
in Table II (See 6.2.1).
Design and construction of pallets shall be as
3.3 Design and construction.
specified herein and in accordance with Figures 1, 1A, 1B and 2 as applicable.
Assembly of type I pallets shall be in accordance with Dimensions
adopted by softwood lumber standard (see 6.4) are acceptable for pallets
constructed from wood groups I and II of MIL-STD-731 with exception that post
plus stringer board height of 3 3/4 inches (95 mm) minimum shall be maintained
to provide entry for materials handling equipment.
3.3.1 Tolerances.  Except as otherwise indicated herein, and on the applicable
figure, tolerances shall be as specified in Figures 1, 1A, 1B and 2. Minimum
allowable thickness of softwood lumber from groups I and II shall be restricted
to the dimensional limitations of MiL-STD-731 for one inch (25 mm) nominal
lumber in lieu of tolerances specified in Figures 1, 1A and 1B.
3.3.2 Details of components. Deckboards. Deckboards shall be surfaced on the outside faces of the
All deckboards shall be surfaced to a uniform thickness and end
deckboards at top and bottom of pallet shall be free of wane on their outer
edges.  Predrilling of deckboards of assembled pallets is at the option of the
supplier. Predrilling, when used, shall be accomplished with a 5/32 inch (4
Deckboards of type II pallets shall be predrilled in
mm) diameter drill.
accordance with above. Strap slots extending the length of the board shall be
provided in the top deckboards as shown in figures 1, 1A and 1B.
Stringer boards directly beneath the top deckboards Stringer boards.
shall be surfaced on one side to a uniform thickness. Posts.  Posts shall be finished or smooth sawn on both top and bottom
to a uniform height. Outer faces of all outside posts shall be finished. Ends
of posts shall be cut square with sides.
Fasteners used to assemble pallets shall be specified in Fasteners.
3.3.3 Fabrication of pallets.
Pallets shall be assembled with fasteners specified Assembly.
in 3.2.2, and the requirements of Table I or II as applicable. Nails shall
Staples shall be driven in two rows.
be driven in a staggered pattern.
splits  caused by nailing shall be supported by additional fasteners.
Fasteners shall be positioned not less than 3/4 inch (19 mm) from the end and
one inch (25 mm) from the side edge of deckboards.  The remaining fasteners
shall be uniformly spaced between them.  All fasteners bent in driving shall
be removed or broken off below the surface and replaced. The heads of fasteners
shall be driven down beneath the surface of the board.

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