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Page Title: Contents of basic design drawings
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MIL-P-18526A(SH) Detail drawings s.  Detail drawings shall be furnished of parts and subassem-
blies necessary for evaluation of the equipment, and of parts necessary for maintenance and
overhaul of the pumps.  Details of these parts shall be complete in every respect to permit
emergency manufacture by a Government activity without assistance from the original manufac-
ture.  Details of pump casings shall be furnished, but the dimensioned development of cored
hydraulic passages need not be shown.  Subassemblies whose parts cannot be procured or ser-
viced individually, should be shown as a single part and so indicated.  Mulidetail  drawings
are preferred, but monodetail drawings may be used.
Outline drawings and certification data (see 6.2.2).,4
-- Outline drawings and certification data shall be furnished as supplemental
drawings to sectional assembly and detail drawings.  Separate outline drawings, drawing list,
and certification data shall be furnished under each contract or order unless the complete
equipments covered by the outline drawing and the referenced drawings are in fact identical
in all respects. Outline drawings, in addition to the certification data, shall contain
the following:
Dimensional outline assembly drawing of the pump with its prime mover, bed-
plate, and attached auxiliaries.
Complete performance data of pump, prime mover, and attached auxiliaries, if
Complete equipment performance curves, based on actual tests (see
(the original submission may show design performance curves vice test curves) .
Table of weights of individual components, and weight of complete unit.
Shipbuilder's connections showing size, type, and dimensions of flanges.
Center of gravity of the pump component and of the complete assembly,
Radii of gyration of complete assembly about each of the three principal axes.
Identification of system in which installed (if known) .
Endurance test, high impact shock tests, and nondestructive tests (if per-
formed) .
In addition, the outline drawing shall include overall dimensions of the com-
plete unit including locating dimensions of fittings and connections, the
space required for removal and replacement of parts for maintenance) and
mounting information.  Basic design drawings.  Basic design drawings covering pumps under this spec-
ification are intended for submittal to NAVSEC for review prior to and independent of in-
vitations for bids .  As such, they are different from design drawings as described in
Each drawing may cover a range of sizes of pumps so long as they are of the same basic
design. Contents of basic design drawings.  These drawings shall consist of small
scale (not necessarily to scale plan and evaluation views showing overall dimensions. If
the plans cover a family of pump sizes of the same design, the dimensions may be tabulated.
The range of capacities, pressure, and speeds shall he shown.  The main part of these draw-
ings shall be an undimensioned sectional assembly with complete list of material which shall
include every part required in the pump assembly.  If materials of some parts may change
with various pump characteristics or with differing fluids to be pumped, a table shall be
included to show these variations.  Alternate subassembly arrangement of different parts may
be included as desired.  Detail drawings or individual parts are not required in connection with basic
design drawings, but may be included if desired by the manufacturer for clarification, or
to obtain advance comments of NAVSEC.
Material identification, Preferred material reference.  Where materials of identical or equal quality
can be identified by more than one specification or standard, the drawings need reference
In selecting the specification or standard to be
only one such specification or standard.
referenced, the following is the order of preference:
Federal specification.
Military specification.
Industry and Technical Society specification or standard.
Manufacturer's specification or standard.

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