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Page Title: Flight conditions
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(c) High temperature: The propeller sys-
throughout the complete ground and air tem-
tem shall be capable of rotation, after
perature range.
soaking in a static condition at sea
3.4.2 Ratings.  The aerodynamic perform-
level and + 160 F for 8 hours, with-
ance ratings shall be specified in the model
out damage to any part of the pro-
peller system  a n d shall function
3.4.3 Estimates.  The estimated perform-
ance shall be specified in the model specification Airspeed and altitude. The propeller
(see 6.4).
3.4.4 Altitude-temperature limits for un-
system shall operate satisfactorily within the
feathering and operation. The unfeathering
ambient temperature ranges shown in figure 1
and operating limits shall be defined in the
throughout the airspeed and altitude operating
model specification.
limits specified in the model specification.
3.4.5 Flight conditions.  The propeller sys-
3.4.7 Reverse thrust. The propeller system
tem shall function satisfactorily under the fol-
shall operate satisfactorily in the reverse thrust
lowing flight conditions:
condition up to the limits specified in the model
(a) Level posistion (horizontal) with the
propeller inclined 20 degrees to either
3 . 4 . 8 Static thrust. The static thrust
(pounds) generated by the propeller shall be
(b) Level position (horizontal) with the
specified in the model specification.
propeller inclined 45 degrees to either
3.4.9 Power transients. During all permis-
sible power transients and times of accomplish-
side for a period of 30 seconds.
(c) Zero to 45 degrees below horizontal
ment of such. transients established for the
engine, the propeller response shall be compat-
with up to 10 degrees inclination on
ible with the transient engine performance re-
either side.
(d) 90-degree below horizontal for a
quirements  s t a t e d in the engine general
period of 30 seconds.
specification.  Characteristics of the propeller
(e) Zero to 105 degrees above horizontal
system which define response under transient
with up to 10 degrees inclination on
conditions shall be specified in the model
either side.
3.4.10 Rotational speed. The rotational
(f) Flight operation under negative 1 "g"
flight conditions for 60 seconds.
speed of the propeller shall be specified in the
(g) Flight operation under zero "g" flight
model specification for the following conditions,
conditions for 30 seconds.
as applicable:
3.4.6  Ambient temperature conditions. The
Ground idle
propeller system shall perform satisfactorily
Flight idle
when supplied with the specified electrical
power and the specified lubricants and fluids, if
applicable, under the following conditions:
3.4.11 Range and rates of pitch-change.
(a) Cold start: The propeller system shall
The pitch-changing mechanism shall adequately
be capable of rotation, after soaking in
control the blades throughout all regimes of
a static condition at sea level and -65
flight and ground operation. The maximum
F for 8 hours, without damage to an-y
rate and range of pitch-change shall be specified
part of the propeller system and shall
in the model specification. The range of pitch-
function satisfactorily.
(b) Static unfeather: The propeller sys-
change shall be sufficient that zero rotation of
the propeller can be obtained in the feathered
tem shall be capable of unfeathering
for air starting in 45 seconds after 8
condition in all engine out cruise regimes, and
hours of continuous soaking in a static
full power absorbed in reverse pitch at zero
condition at sea level and -65F.
forward speed. The rate of pitch-change shall

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