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Page Title: Dissimilar metals
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during its service life in its specified applica-
craft propeller systems shall be suitable for the
tion. It shall function satisfactorily through-
purpose, and shall conform to the applicable
out the design envelope of the specified
specifications in accordance with ANA Bulletin
engine-aircraft combination.
No. 343, When contractors specifications are
3.8.2 Propeller system design and construc-
used for materials and processes, such specifica-
tion changes.
tions shall be subject to approval by the Govern- Changes in design. NO changes shall
ment. The use of nongovernmental specifica-
be made in the design or materials of parts listed
tions shall not constitute waiver of Government
in approved propeller system parts list(s), ex-
cept when such changes are approved in accord-
3.5.1 Dissimilar metals. Unless protected
ance with the provisions of ANA Bulletin No.
against electrolytic corrosion, dissimilar metals
shall not be used in contact with each other. Approval of changes. Approval of
Dissimilar metals are defined in Standard
changes shall not relieve the contractor of full
responsibility for the results of such changes on
3 . 6 Standards.
any propeller system characteristic.
3.6.1 Standard parts. AN or MS standard
3.8.3 Changes in vendors. For each spe-
parts shall be used, where applicable, and shall
cific propeller system model~ the contractor shall
be identified by their standard part numbers.
prepare a list of those processes, parts, C Om -
3.6.2 Design standards. MS and AND de-
ponents, and subassemblies which require sub-
s i g n standards shall be used wherever
stantiation test approved in the event of a
change in the fabrication source, and shall in-
3 . 7 Drawings and diagrams. The con-
clude the specific substantiation testing re-
tractor shall furnish the following preliminary
quired for each item.  This list will be subject
drawings and diagrams to the using service with
to the scrutiny of the local Government. inspec-
the submission of the model specification and in
tor and the procuring activity to insure the
addition shall incorporate reduced size copies
completeness and the adequacy of the substan-
of the same drawings and diagrams in the body
tiation tests. However, the prime responsibil-
of the model specification:
ity for effective control of all fabrication
(a) Propeller installation including clear-
sources and changes in these sources shall rest
with the contractor.  No change shall be made
ances for maintenance checking, ad-
in vendors or fabrication sources for the parts
justment, and removal of accessories
and components subject to separate
listed except when such changes are approved
by the procuring activity.
(b) Propeller accessory and component in-
3.8.4 Parts list(s).  The parts list(s) for
s t a l l a t i o n drawings (for units not
the propeller system that successfully completes
mounted on the propeller).
the qualification test shall constitute the ap-
(c) Electrical installation connection dia-
proved parts list (s) for any subsequent propel-
gram showing the circuits internal and
ler system of the same model to be delivered to
external to the propeller required for
the procuring activity. Changes to the ap-
proved propeller system parts list(s) shall be
(d) Hydraulic installation interconnecting
governed by the requirements specified in 3.8.2.
diagram showing interconnection be-
3.9 Reversibility.  Wherever practicable,
tween component units internal and
items and parts shall be designed to prevent re-
external to the propeller required for
verse assembly or installation where such assem-
bly or installation would cause a propeller
3.8 Design and construction.
3.8.1 Structural and functional. The pro-
3.10 Interchangeability. All parts having
peller shall be constructed with sufficient mar-
the same manufacturer's part number shall be
functionally and dimensionally interchangeable
gin of structural reliability to preclude failure

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