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Page Title: Blade pitch
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each blade shall be painted for an inboard dis-
tions. Similar fluid and electrical connections
tance of 4 inches with enamel conforming to
required in the propeller model shall be made
Specification MIL-E-5556, color No. 33538 of
A l l fluid
physically  non-interchangeable.
Federal Standard No. 595.
lines shall be suitably identified,
3.24 Hub. The hub shall withstand all loads
3.22 Support. The propeller shall be of a
imposed during all operating regimes of the
mounting type conforming to and compatible
with the engine or gear box design and shall be
propeller. Where applicable, the hub mount-
specified in the model specification. Where
ing shall conform to Standards AND10152, AS-
applicable, the propeller drive(s) used shall
127, and ARP502.
conform to the applicable standards listed on
3.24.1 Cone and cone seats. Front and rear
Standard AND10152.
cones shall be in accordance with Standard MS-
3.23 Blade. Prime attention in the selec-
5007 and MS5008, as applicable. Cone seats of
tion of materials find methods of construction
hubs having splined bores conforming to one
of the blades shall be given to such factors as
of the specified standards in 3.24 shall be free
abrasion, moisture, corrosion, and other de-
from plating and capable of providing an
teriorating operational factors that tend to ad-
evenly distributed bearing area contact and in-
versely affect the structural integrity and
terchangeability of mating cones.
3.24.2 Retaining nuts and map rings. All
3.23.1 Blade pitch.  The propeller shall
retaining nuts and snap rings used on non-
either be so constructed that when the blades are
controllable hubs shall be in accordance with
assembled in the hub, the difference between
Standards MS5011 and MS5009, respectively,
their mean aerodynamic angles shall not ex-
3.25 Spinner. A spinner which provides an
ceed 0.2 degree throughout the entire operating
airflow compatible with airframe and engine re-
range as well as against the limiting pitch stops,
quirements shall be specified in the model spec-
or the propeller shall incorporate means of ad-
ification.  Spinner designs shall provide access
justing the individual blade angle in increments
for inspection and servicing of the propeller
of 0.2 degree or less.
pitchchange mechanisms, propeller brush block
3.23.2 Blade track.  Corresponding points
and slip ring assembly, oil filler opening, lubri-
adjacent to the tips of the blades of the propeller
cation fittings and such other items as may be
shall be in the same plane perpendicular to the
applicable to the installation. It shall accu-
axis of rotation within the tolerance specified in
rately maintain its form in the installed position
the model specification.
when rotating under operating conditions as
3.23.2 Blade vent hole. When vent holes
well as when subjected to normal handling dur-
are required they shall be specified in the model
ing maintenance or overhaul.
3.25.1 Symmetry.  Dimensional symmetry
3.23.4 Marking of blade. A stripe of yel-
shall be maintained throughout the entire ax-
low enamel, 1/8 inch by 2 inches, conforming to
ial length of the spinner.
Specification MIL-E-5556, color No. 33538 of
3.25.2 Balance provisions. Provisions for
Federal Standard No. 595, shall be applied on
correcting static or dynamic unbalance condi-
the thrust face of each blade. The stripe shall
tion shall be specified in the model specification.
be along the chord of the referenced station used
3.25.3 Spinner-blade seals. The seals shall
for blade indexing. The stripe shall be centered
be replaceable parts and mounted without re-
on the referenced chord within 1/16 inch
striction to movement between the blade and
longitudinally and within inch laterally.
hub and capable of withstanding rotational
3.23.5 Standard blade shank ends. Ground
forces without loss or impairment.
adjustable blade shank ends shall be specified
3.25.4 Quick detachment. Quick detach-
in the model specification.
ment features shall be incorporated in the spin-
3.23.6 Finishing wood blades. The external
ner. External fasteners or other attaching
surface of wood blades shall be specified in the
means shall be designed and installed to pre-
model specification. After finishing, the tip of

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