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Page Title: Ground adjustable
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3.37 External mechanical power. When
zontal plane, in which case the unbalance may
external mechanical drives for mounting and
be applied as a scale reading.
driving propeller components are utilized, they Ground adjustable. Horizontal
shall be specified in the model specification.
balance shall be accomplished as specified in
These drives shall conform to the applicable without additional provisions.
standards listed on standard AND10230. One-piece wood. One-piece wood
3.38 Cover plates. Cover plates for cover-
propellers shall be balanced with a hub bolted
securely onto the propeller. Balance may be
ing all drive openings when the component is
not mounted for propeller shipment, shall be
secured by the application of liquid finish to the
supplied with each propeller. Suitable provi-
lighter blades for horizontal balance, or by se-
sions for covering or plugging all other connec-
curing a brass plate to the wood portion of the
tion openings shall be made.
hub for vertical balance.
3.32 Propeller reverse or beta tel-lights.
3 . 3 9 Pressure connections. Connection
When required, signal provisions shall be pro-
bosses on the propeller for transmitting fluids
vided in the propeller for reverse tel-lights or
from the engine to the propeller shall conform
beta tel-lights and shall be specified in the model
to Standard AND10050.
3.40 Screw threads.
3.33 Fail-safe provisions. With the excep-
3.40.1 Straight screw threads. All conven-
tion of primary structural components, fail-safe
tional straight screw threads shall conform to
provisions shall be provided. This shall be
the requirements of Specification MIL-S-8879.
accomplished by use of designs requiring double
If allowance is required for elevated tempera-
failures or otherwise providing adequate protec-
ture, corrosive atmosphere, or other conditions
tion against the consequences of such failures.
which may cause thread seizure this allowance
3.34 Environmental conditions. The pro-
shall be obtained by increasing the diameters
peller shall satisfy the applicable requirements
of the internal threads.
when subjected to the following tests:
3.40.2 Tapered pipe threads. Tapered pipe
(a) Hot soak -------------------------- (
threads may be employed only for permanently
(b) Cold soak -------------------------- (
plugging drilled or cored openings and shall
(c) Humidity ------------------------- (
conform to the requirements of Specification
(d) High altitude ------------------------ (
(e) Salt spray ------------------------- (
3.41 Protective treatment and coatings.
( f ) Vibration endurance ------------- (
With the exception of the areas listed below, all
(g) Fungus ---------------------------- (
parts not in constant contact with oil shall be
(h) Sand and dust ------------------- (
corrosion-resistmt or suitably protected:
(i) Explosion-proof ------------------- (
(a) Working surfaces
3.35 Flutter. The propeller shall be free
(b) Threads
from flutter under static conditions up to 120
(c) Drive pad faces
percent rated engine speed and at powers up to
3 . 4 2 Identification of product. Equip-
the standard day takeoff power rating of the
ment, assemblies, and parts shall be uniformly
engine, or up to the ram power rating of the
and legibly marked for identification. Marking
engine, whichever is specified in the model
shall be in accordance with Standard MIL-
STD-130 and the minimum information on the
3 . 3 6 Mechanical shock.  The propeller
identification plate Standard MS24123, except
shall function satisfactorily under all conditions
for the specific components as follows:
of shock to which it will be exposed during all
flight regimes of the aircraft operation. Those
(a) Propeller: Propellers shall be marked
with the following information:
parts requiring special attention, because of the
shock environment, together with the magni-
(1) Model designation
tude and frequency of the shock application
(2) Serial number
shall be specified in the model specification.
(3) Manufacturer's identification

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