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Page Title: Classification of tests
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spection records of the examination and tests
location of the barometric pressure and ambient
shall be kept complete and available to the Gov-
temperature measuring devices. In order to de-
ernment as specified in the contract or order.
termine conformance with the propeller per-
The Government reserves the right to perform
formance ratings, the corrected thrust and
horsepower absorption shall be determined by
any of the inspections set. forth in the specifica-
tion where such inspections are deemed neces-
a method mutually agreed upon by the con-
tractor find the procuring activity prior to ini-
sary to assure supplies and services conform to
prescribed requirements.
tiation of the qualification tests.
4.3.4 Barometer correction for temperature.
4.2 Classification of tests. The inspection
The barometer shall be corrected for tempera-
and testing of aircraft. propeller systems shall
be classified as follows:
4.3.5 Barometer reading. The barometer
(a) Qualification tests (4.4 through 4.7).
(b) Acceptance tests (4,8).
shall be read and recorded at intervals not ex-
ceeding 3 hours.
4.3 Test conditions (see
4.3.6 Vapor pressure data. Wet and dry
4 . 3 . 1 Accuracy of data. Reported data
bulb air temperature readings shall be taken at
shall be accurate within the tolerances shown
intervals not exceeding 3 hours.
below. All instruments and equipment shall be
4.3.7 Certification of operators. All opera-
calibrated at intervals acceptable to the Gov-
tors performing fusion welding shall be certi-
ernment representative to insure that the re-
fied in accordance with Specification MIL-T-
quired degree of accuracy is maintained:
5021. Fluorescent penetrant and magnetic
particle inspectors shall be certified in accord-
ance with Standard MIL-STD-410.
4.3.8 Test propellers. Propellers  having
identical parts lists shall be used for all the tests
herein specified and applicable to the particular
propeller model undergoing tests. All com-
ponents essential to the proper functioning and
safety of the propeller shall, without change
of components, go through all those tests in
which the cumulative effects of the tests may
affect the qualification or acceptance of the
4.3.9 Temperature.  Unless otherwise spec-
43.2 Propeller weight. The dry weight of
ified herein, the following tolerances shall be
the complete propeller shall be measured. If
maintained where the applicable temperatures
the weight is measured after the propeller has
are specified:
been serviced with fluid, when applicable, the
dry Weight maybe calculated by subtracting the
weight of residual fluids, in accordance with
3.14.1 of the contractor's model specification
from the measured propeller weight.
4.3.3 Corrections: Readings of thrust and
horsepower absorption at various rotational
4.3.10 Accreditable test time. Test time
speeds and blade angle settings, rpm, fuel flow
shall not be credited by increments shorter than
rate, specific fuel consumption, gas pressures,
15 minutes, except when shorter periods are a
and gas temperatures shall be corrected to
test requirement.
NACA standard sea level atmospheric condi-
4.4 Qualification tests. Qualification of
tions as defined in NACA TN 1235. Approval
any complete propeller of the model defined in
of the procuring activity shall be required for
the contractor's model specification shall be

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