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Page Title: Control response test
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propeller adjustments shall not be permitted
necessary for the propeller operating conditions
without. Government approval. After all ad-
required by all other tests specified herein shall
justments have been made, a calibration shall be
be incorporated.
conducted to obtain steady-state. data as speci- Calibiations, checks, and adjust-
fied in for a series of power lever
ments. Engine and propeller performances
settings.  When applicable, the settings for
shall independently meet the requirements spec-
these steady-state checks shall be made when in
ified in their respective model specifications
governing and are as follows:
prior to the 50-hour engine test.
Full reverse. Test propeller assembly. The test
Ground idle.
propeller shall be assembled to the configuration
F l i g h t idle.
specified in the model specification.
60 percent normal rating. Installation static functional check.
80 percent normal rating.
The engine propeller test installation shall be
Normal rated.
checked in the static condition to determine the
Military (takeoff).
functional characteristics of the control link-
Military ram.
ages, voltages, continuity of control circuitry  :
Military wet.
and typical preflight checks. The relationship
between the power lever, coordinator lever, pro-
The steady-state operation at each of the
peller lever, blade angle and condition lever
various power lever settings specified above
shall be established as applicable for the com-
shall be recorded by automatic equipment.
plete range of power and condition lever travel, Transient check. After completion
for increasing and decreasing power condition.
of the steady-state check specified in,
Any adjustments required shall be made using
the engine-propeller control system shall under-
o n l y external means to obtain the limits
go a transient check to determine the stability
of the control system, rate of pitch change, and Vibratory stress survey. A vibra-
response of the engine-propeller combination.
tory stress survey of the propeller covering all
The procedure during the transient check shall
appropriate conditions of engine operation shall
be conducted in the order given unless otherwise
be conducted in the engine test stand to deter-
approved by the procuring activity. For all
mine the stress characteristics of the propeller
power lever and input mechanism movements, if
when operated in the stand environment. Ap-
applicable, the lever shall be advanced or re-
plicable vibratory stress survey attenuator set-
tarded in 1 second or less. Transient checks
tings, and data shall be prepared substantially
shall be conducted in accordance with the sched-
in accordance with figures 8, 9, and 14.
ule shown in table II, and automatic equipment
recordings shall be made at each transient Control response test. The control
throughout the specified power lever movement.
response test may be conducted concurrently
with the vibratory stress survey specified in
Calibration shall be conducted to obtain data as
specified in and shall include the response of the en-
gine-propeller to power and speed changes Miscellaneous checks. Individual
throughout the range of operation of the engine
miscellaneous system operation checks, as ap-
under normal ground and simulated fright. con-
plicable, shall be conducted on the propeller.
ditions of the aircraft.
The propeller shall be subjected to operating
loads simulating as nearly as practicable those Steady-state check. The procedure
encountered during emergency operation. Suf -
for the steady-state check shall be such as to
ficient instrumentation shall be provided to
establish that the static sea level performance
indicate the performance of each applicable
characteristics of the complete engine-propeller
combination satisfactorily meets the required
component and to indicate that the functional
values of the contractors' model specifications.
relationships of components acting together are
External adjustments shall be made to obtain
maintained as required by the applicable test
the required operational performance. Further
schedule. Functional checks shall be performed

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