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Page Title: Teardown inspection
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( f ) Detection of excessive wear of any
part or component during teardown
(g) Necessity to add operating fluid, if ap-
In the event. of a discrepancy of a propeller com-
ponent, a. suitable retest penalty maybe imposed
at the discretion of the procuring activity.
4.5.3 Preliminary aircraft test. Test conditions. Test apparatus. The following test
apparatuses shall apply for all preliminary air-
craft tests, as applicable. Aircraft test bed. The prelimin-
ary aircraft test of the propeller shall be con-
ducted on an aircraft test bed or a suitable air-
craft having a nacelle configuration similar to
the proposed application.
*Note: Repeat approximately 10 times with alter- Test propeller. The same test pro-
nate slow and rapid power lever motion.
peller shall be used for all the preliminary air-
The engine test observed data shall be prepared
craft tests and shall be in accordance with the
substantially in accordance with figure 15.
contractor's model specification. Teardown inspection. After comple- Test data. During the preliminary
tion of the 50-hour engine test, the propeller
aircraft test, all pertinent test data provisions of
a n d components shall be completely dis- shall be applicable. In addition, re-
assembled for examination in accordance with
cordings shall be made of the pertinent aircraft
the provisions of
performance parameters. Deviation from normal operation. Instrumentation. The instrumenta-
Whenever there is evidence that the propeller is
tion and techniques used for monitoring the
deviating from normal operation or is not
required vibratory stress survey of the prelimi-
meeting the contractor's model specification re-
nary aircraft test shall be as specified in
quirements during the testing specified in,
In addition, the following instrumentation is
the discrepancy shall be immediately reported
provided as a guide. The instrumentation shall
to the Government representative, If any of
be sufficient to provide a continuous record of
the following discrepancies are detected after
power lever position, pitch angle in degrees, yaw
starting of the cyclic test, the number of credita-
angle in degrees, and a coordinating signal from
ble hours of testing shall be disallowed:
the photo panel frame counter. Visual indicat-
(a) Linkages pertaining to the propeller
ing instruments shall be provided to the pilot for
require adjustment.
yaw angle in degrees. The wiring to the nacelle
(b) Propeller speed setting exceeds the es-
and cabin shall consist of a pair of shielded wires
tablished schedule by 0.5 percent.
(No. 22 AWG or larger) with adequate insulat-
(c) Failure of any component adversely
ing jacket over each shield. All wires and
affecting propeller control perform-
shields shall be insulated from the aircraft's
ground and from each other. The power bat-
(d) Failure of any component adversely
teries for the recording equipment. shall be of
affecting propeller integrity.
sufficient capacity to stand the current draw of
(e) Detection of any failure of any com-
the maximum circuitry without jeopardy to
ponent directly or indirectly affecting
data recording. When utilized, the strain gage
control performance during teardown
batteries shall be of sufficient capacity to with-
stand the maximum steady drain without jeop-

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