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Page Title: Installation static functional check
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tinuing until the aircraft is in a stabilized
ardy or compromise to the data being recorded.
climb. A 5-second record of all climb condi-
The batteries shall be free of leakage to the
tions shall be obtained. A continuous record-
case or aircraft ground or both case and aircraft
ing shall be made of each turn maneuver, in-
ground. The pitch and yaw head transmitter
cluding the point of maximum "g" loading.
shall be mounted on the wing tip. The wiring
The negative braking condition shall be con-
from the wing tip to the cabin instrumentation
tinuously recorded throughout from positive
shall consist of wires (No. 18 AWG or larger)
thrust operation to the maximum reverse thrust
insulated from the aircraft ground from from
condition. All other conditions shall be briefly
each other. The pitch and yaw transmitter
recorded. Applicable vibratory stress survey
heads shall be compatible with 2,000-ohm po-
attenuator settings, oscillograph reduction and
tentiometers. All necessary propeller vibratory
condition log data formats shall be prepared
stress instrumentation shall be installed prior
substantially in accordance with figures 16, 17,
to complete assembly. Instrumentation neces-
and 18.
sary for monitoring the propeller control op-
eration required by all other tests specified Miscellaneous checks. The individ-
herein shall be incorporated.
ual miscellaneous system operation checks listed Installation static functional check.
in, as applicable, shall be conducted on
The installation static functional check shall be
the test propeller.  During these checks the
conducted in the static condition to determine
propeller shall function satisfactorily in all
the engine-propeller combination functional
emergency conditions within the specified per-
characteristics specified in
formance. of the engine-propeller combination.
Sufficient instrumentation shall be provided to Steady-state check. The steady-state
indicate the performance of each applicable
check shall be conducted in accordance with the
component and to indicate that the fuctional
provisions of
relationships of components acting together are Transcient check. The transient
maintained as required by the applicable test
check shall be conducted in accordance with the
schedule. Functional checks shall be per-
provisions of
formed to indicate that no calibrated compo- Vibratory stress survey.
nent has changed its calibration beyond allow- Ground survey. A ground vibra-
able service limits and that the function of
tion stress survey of the propeller shall be con-
uncalibrated components is unimpaired.
ducted on all nacelles of the aircraft to deter-
4.6 Accreditation tests. A complete pre-
mine the stress characteristics of the propeller
when operated in the aircraft environment.
production propeller shall be subjected to the
following accreditation tests to insure that the
Figure 14 is provided as a guide for the survey.
propeller has sufficient durability and reliability Flight survey. A flight vibratory
to insure a margin of safety in excess of normal
stress survey of the propeller shall be conducted
service requirements, for all flight regimes of
on all nacelles of the aircraft to determine the
the specified production aircraft.
stress characteristics of the propeller when op-
erated in the aircraft environment. The fol-
4.6.1 150-hour engine test. A 150-hour en-
lowing is provided as a guide. The survey
gine test shall be conducted on the propeller.
shall consist of obtaining all necessary stress
The cyclic test shall be continued for 150 suc-
measurements from the various strain gage
cessive l-hour cycles of operation as specified
g rO UpS as specified on figures 16, 17, and 18.
in In addition, the ice control system
The survey shall be conducted at the two ex-
shall be operated continuously during the cyclic
tremes of gross weights, at the maximum per-
test in accordance with the contractor's model
missible gross weight, and at the minimum
specification. Applicable ice control data shall
gross weight possible with the test configura-
be recorded in conjunction with other data.
tion of the aircraft. During takeoff, a con-
Prior to operation during the cyclic test, the
tinuous recording shall be obtained, starting
ice control system (s) shall be initially checked
when the power lever(s) are advanced, and con-
to establish proper functioning.

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