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Page Title: Components and accessories tests
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MIL-E-5272 and operate satisfactorily after
deviating from normal operation during the en-
completion of the test.
durance test, the deviations shall be reported to Vibration endurance. Propeller com-
the Government. representatives. If any of the
ponents and accessoris not designed to mount
following discrepancies are detected after start-
on the engine or not mounted on the engine dur-
ing the test, the number of creditable hours of
ing the engine test phase shall undergo a
testing shall be disallowed.
vibration endurance test in accordance with the
(a) Linkages pertaining to the propeller
applicable procedures of Specification MIL-E-
requiring adjustment.
5272 and shall operate satisfactorily after com-
(b) Failure of any component. adversely
pletion of the test.
affecting propeller control perform-
ance. Temperate limitations. Propeller
(c) Failure of any component adversely
components and accessories not designed to
affecting propeller integrity;
mount on the engine or not mounted on the
(d) Detection of any failure of any comp-
engine during the engine test phase shall be
onent directly or indirectly affecting
tested in accordance with Specification MIL-E-
control performance during teardown
5272, high temperature test Procedure II, and
low temperature test Procedure I, and shall op-
(e) Detection of excessive wear on any part
erate satisfactorily after completion of the
or component during teardown inspec-
tion. Durability. Prior to installation of
( f ) Necessity to add operating fluid, if
the propeller on the prototype or first produc-
tion aircraft, the components of the propeller
In the event of a discrepancy of a propeller com-
designed to perform certain functions shall be
ponent, a suitable retest penalty maybe imposed
subjected to applicable tests to establish the
at the discretion of the procuring activity.
capability of the component to perform their
4.6.4 Components and accessories tests.
respective functions for at least the period of Conditions. Test apparatuses neces-
1,500 hours between overhaul. The tests shall
sary for conducting the tests, method and pro-
be of a "cycle" type for the specified time dura-
cedures of tests, and data obtained during the
tion or number of cycles and shall be conducted
tests shall be determined by the contractor and
on those control or emergency system compo-
approved by the procuring activity. The com-
nents which are not limited to the following:
ponents and accessories subject to tests shall be
(a)  Control unit--(e.g., complete, uni-
identical to those specified in the contractor's
tary-housed control assembly which
model specifiation.
attaches to the hub for general control
All major structural Structural.
and pitch change power): Test dura-
components shall be subjected to fatigue and,
tion shall be for a minimum of 500
where necessary, ultimate strength tests to aid
in assessment of their durability under service
(b) Pitch change mechanism: Test du-
applied loads.  These tests will include 1xP
ration shall be for a minimum of 500
testing on the gyroscopic rig at Wright-Patter-
son Air Force Base. The components subject
(c)  Low pitch stop: Exposure shall be of
to test, the methods and procedure of test, and
the maximum magnitude which the
data to be obtained during the test shall be de-
component will encounter in service.
termined by the contractor and approved by the
Test duration shall be for a minimum
procuring activity.
of 100 cycles. Mechanical shook. Propeller compo-
(d)  Mechanical pitch lock: Exposure
nents and accessories not designed to mount on
shall be at various rates of actuation.
the engine or not mounted on the engine during
Test duration shall be for a minimum
the engine test phase shall undergo a mechan-
of 1,500 cycles.
ical shock test in accordance with Specification

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