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Page Title: Acceptance tests
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MIL-P-26366A Component parts inspection. Com- Fluid tank test. If an airframe
ponent parts shall be inspected using sam-
mounted fluid tank is furnished as a part of the
pling procedures specified in Standard MIL-
propeller system, the tank shall withstand with-
STD­105 or other valid sampling plans. Con-
out failure the vibration and slosh tests as spec-
tractor-prepared classification of defects shall
ified by approved test procedures submitted by
be submitted to the procuring activity for ap-
4 . 8 Acceptance tests. Acceptance tests Functional tests.  Propeller sub-
shall consist of the following tests:
assemblies shall be subjected to functional tests
(a) Individual tests (4.8.1).
consisting of the following provisions and
(b) Sampling tests (4.8.2).
4.8.1 Individual tests. Each propeller shall
be subjected to the following tests: Subassemblies, inspection of. Sub-
(a) Examination of product (
assemblies that require mechanical adjustment
(b) Functional tests (48.1.2).
only shall be inspected and tested 100 percent.
All subassemblies, such as governors and syn- Examination of product. Individual
chronizers, shall be functionally tested 100 per-
parts and subassemblies shall be examined for
cent and all major subassemblies, such as
workmanship and suitability of materials based
complete assemblies and unitary-housed control
on physical inspection and process control
assemblies that make up the propeller assembly
data. The examination may be supplemented
shall be tested 100 percent as specified in the
by physical and chemical tests to determine the
appropriate contractor engineering standard
extent of conformance to the contractors' spec-
inspection specification approved by the procur-
ifications and drawings, These shall include
ing activity,
the following tests.
4.8.2 Sampling tests.  Propeller assemblies Magnetic inspection. Magnetic
shall be subjected to the following tests which
particle inspection shall be performed on all
shall be conducted in the sequence given.
highly stressed parts made of magnetic mate-
rials in accordance with Specification MIL-I-
4,8.2.1 Sampling procedure. All produc-
6868 or AMS2640.
tion propellers shall be subjected to acceptance
test in accordance with DOD Handbook H106 Fluorescent penetrant inspection.
(Multilevel Continuous Sampling Procedures
Fluorescent penetrant inspection shall be per-
and Tables for Inspection by Attributes) as-
formed on all highly stressed nonmagnetic
suring an average outgoing quality limit of 5
metallic parts in accordance with Specification
MIL-I-6866 or AMS2645. Test methods.  Details of the test Radiographic or ultrasonic inspec-
for the propellers shall be established by the
tion. Radiographic or ultrasonic inspection
contractor and set forth in appropriate spec-
shall be performed as required. Radiographic
ifications subject to review and approval by the
inspection shall be in accordance with Spec-
procuring activity.  The test shall consist of
ification MIL-I-6865. Laboratories perform-
sequential cycles and functional operation of
ing radiographic inspection shall be certified
the propeller controls.
in accordance with Specification MIL-X-6141. Test rig.  The test rig shall be Material test. Samples of all ma-
capable of testing a propeller throughout its
terials used in the propeller shall be selected
specified rpm range under the following condi-
in the manner and quantity specified in the ap-
propriate material specification and subjected to
the required tests.
(a) Blade loads shall be simulated with
counterweights. Conformance to drawings. Indi-
(b) Maximum allowable continuous op-
vidual parts and subassembly shall be in-
spected for conformance to the applicable draw-
erating temperature shall be achieved
ings and specifications.
during operation.

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