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Page Title: Hydrostatic drive
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Human factors engineering
Paving Machine,Bituminous Material: Crawler-Mounted,Diesel-Engine-Driven
Hydraulic-actuated vibration

3.9 Performance.  The paver shall receive from dump trucks paving material
mixed with bituminous concrete, and shall lay, compact, and finish the material
to form a strip of pavement. The bituminous strip laid shall be laterally and
longitudinally smooth within a tolerance of plus or minus 1/8 inch measured with
a 12-foot straight-edge. The paver shall lay a basic 8-foot width without
screed extensions or cutoff shoes, shall be extendable to a paving width of 16
feet by adding screed extensions or extending the screed, and shall be reducible
to a 6-foot width by the use of cutoff shoes. When the recieving hopper is
filled to capacity, the paver shall have the capability of pushing a fully
loaded 71,000 pound GVW dump truck up a 5 percent grade at no less than 9 feet
per minute while simultaneously laying a paving strip 16 feet wide.
3.10 Crawlers.  The paver shall be mounted on full crawlers with
self-cleaning type treads not less than 10 inches wide, and with not less than 6
feet between center of sprocket and center of idler. Each crawler shall be
independently steered.  Means shall be provided to adjust the tension of the
crawler tracks.
3.11 Hydrostatic drive.  The paver shall be provided with a hydrostatic drive
capable of propelling the paver during paving operations at infinitely variable
speeds ranging from 0 to not less than 100 feet per minute at governed engine
speed. The maximum forward and reverse travel speeds shall be not less than 240
feet per minute.  The hydrostatic propulsion systems shall be equipped with
filters, cooler, and pressure relief bypasses as recommended by the component
manufacturer for applications of this type. The hydrostatic drive system shall
be independent of all other hydraulic systems. A gage that indicates the
temperature of the hydraulic fluid shall be provided and shall be mounted on the
engine instrument panel.
3.12 Operator's platform and controls. An operator's platform shall be
provided and shall be located so that the operator shall have adequate view of
all operations. The platform shall have an anti-skid surface. All controls
(except the screed controls) necessary for operation shall be provided, shall be
accessible to the operator, and shall be located so that the operator can
control all operations from both the right and left sides of the platform. The
operator's platform and controls shall conform to the provisions of 3.6. An
operator's seat with a backrest shall be provided. The seat and the backrest
shall be padded and shall have waterproof coverings. Provisions shall be made
to mount the seat on the right and on the left side of the operator's platform.
3.13 Hopper.  The receiving hopper shall have a capacity of not less than
4-1/2 cubic yards and shall receive material from dump trucks. The hopper shall
have a dumping clearance of not more than 24 inches above the ground surface,
and shall be equipped with adjustable gates to control the flow of material to
the spreading mechanism. The side walls of the hopper shall be equipped with
hydraulic rams that lower the side walls to provide clearance for low dumping
trucks and shall raise the side walls to provide a positive material flow to
completely empty the hopper of all materials. The front end of the hoper shall
have a means to prevent material from spilling off the hopper. The front end of
the hopper shall be equipped with a push-bar that shall permit the paver to

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