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Page Title: Screed burner fuel tank
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Hydraulic-actuated vibration
Paving Machine,Bituminous Material: Crawler-Mounted,Diesel-Engine-Driven
Engine cranking system

3.17 Screed burner.  The paver shall be provided with one or more screed
burners. The burner(s) shall burn fuel oil conforming to VV-F-800, grade DF2,
at a rate sufficient to provide even distribution of heat over the entire area
of the screed and the screed extensions, When hydaulic-actuated vibration is
employed, the heat shall be applied to the compacting unit and its extensions in
place of heating the screed. The burner shall be ignited and controlled from
the screed operator's platform. A fuel tank (if needed), a fuel pump, an air
blower, a fuel sediment bowl, and fuel lines shall be furnished with the burner.
3.17.1 Screed burner fuel tank. a separate fuel tank if needed, conforming
to the contractor's commercial standard, except as specified herein, shall be
provided. The tank shall have a capacity of not less than 5 gallons. The
filler opening shall include a removable strainer and have a chain-secured
filler cap. A warning plate stating "DIESEL FUEL ONLY" shall be affixed in a
conspicuous place near the fuel-tank filler opening.  The fuel tank shall be
provided with an air vent and a drain.  A fuel-line shutoff valve shall be
attached directly to the fuel tank. The valve shall be provided with a
double-ended arrow showing direction of operation and labeled at each end to
indicate the functional result (i.e. open, close, etc.). The fuel tank shall be
located or positioned to minimize fire hazard resulting from spillage, overflow,
or drainage.  The engine fuel tank may be used in lieu of a separate screed
burner fuel tank to fuel the screed burner. If the engine fuel tank is used to
fuel the screed burner, a fuel-line shut-off valve shall be attached directly to
the engine fuel tank.
3.17.2 Fuel sediment bowl. A removable, clear-glass sediment bowl shall be
provided between the fuel tank and the burner.
3.17.3 Fuel lines.  Fuel lines shall be either steel or oil and fuel resistant
hose. Fuel lines shall be supported and secured to prevent vibration and
3.17.4 Oil spray system. The paver shall be provided with a fuel resistant
hose and spray nozzle which shall be used for paver wash down. The hose shall
be pressurized and shall be of sufficient length to reach all exterior points of
the paver. Provisions shall be provided to securely store the hose on the paver
when the hose is not in use.
3.18 Diesel engine. The paver shall be powered by an industrial diesel engine
having horsepower, torque and speed characteristics to satisfactorily meet all
performance requirements specified herein without exceeding the engine manufac-
turer's intermittent rated horsepower of the engine furnished. The engine's
governed speed shall be set and sealed in accordance with the engine manufac-
turer's recommendations. The engine shall be capable of operating continuously
at rated load in an ambient temperature of 120F without exceeding the maximum
allowable heat temperatures established by the engine manufacturer. The engine
shall be furnished with the following accessories:
a. Fuel filter
b.  Oil filter

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