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Page Title: Engine cranking system
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Screed burner fuel tank
Paving Machine,Bituminous Material: Crawler-Mounted,Diesel-Engine-Driven
Batteries and battery box

c. Air cleaner, dry type with airflow restriction indicator.
d.  High temperature cut off switch.
3.18.1 Engine instrument panel.  The instrument panel shall be equipped with
lights-controlled by a weatherproof switch. The instrument panel shall be
located in a position visible from both operator stations and shall be in
accordance with 3.6. The instrument panel shall be equipped with the following
a. Engine lubricating oil pressure gage.
b.  Engine coolant temperature indicator.
c.  Engine tachometer.
d.  Battery charging ammeter or voltmeter.
e. Engine hourmeter.
f.  Indicator, fuel quantity.
The instrument panel shall be protected from vandals by a cover plate fitted
with a lock hasp that shall accommodate a padlock that has a 3/8 inch diameter
3.18.2 Engine cranking system. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), the
engine shall be equipped with a 12 volt electrical cranking system. The electric
cranking system shall include but not be limited to the following: an electric
starter, alternator, voltage regulator, battery and all other accessories
required to complete the cranking system. The circuits shall be numbered and
identified by band markers.
3.18.3 Engine fuel.  The diesel engine furnished shall operate on fuel oil
conforming to VV-F-800, grade DF2.
The engine lubricating oil shall be in accordance
3.18.4 Engine lubrication.
with MIL-L-2104.
3.18.5 Engine oil sampling valve. An oil sampling valve shall be provided on
the engine.  The valve shall be manually operated and shall automatically close
after release. It shall be made of material resistant to corrosion such that it
will not contaminate the sample. The discharge port of the valve shall be
covered with a captive chained cap conforming to SAE J514. The valve shall be
located in such a way to insure that personnel will not be exposed to danger
when taking oil samples with the engine running. The location of the oil tap
shall be such that when samples are taken, it shall be a true representation of
oil that is flowing while the engine is running.
3.18.6 Engine fuel tank. A fuel tank conforming to the contractor's
commerical standards, except as specified herein, shall be provided. The tank
capacity shall be sufficient for 8 hours of operation at the maximum fuel rating
of the engine. The tanks filler opening shall include a removable strainer and
have a chain-secured filler cap. The tank shall be stenciled: "DEISEL FUEL
ONLY". The tank shall be provided with a fuel level indicator and with flexible
fuel lines to the engine. Provisions shall be made to drain the fuel into a
hand held container.

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