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Page Title: Filling, draining, and checking provisions
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Electromagnetic interference
Paving Machine,Bituminous Material: Crawler-Mounted,Diesel-Engine-Driven
Equipment tiedown attachments

with a 10-inch flexible extension. Accessibility to fittings shall be provided
without the removal or adjustment of accessories or parts. Panels and plates
equipped with hand-operable, quick-disconnect fasteners may be removed to
provide accessibility to lubrication fittings.
3.23.3 Pressure-release device. An automatic pressure-release device shall
be provided where pressure lubricating equipment will damage grease seals or
other parts.
3.23.4 Filling, draining, and checking provisions. Enclosures such as gear
cases and transmission housings which contain a reservoir of lubricants for the
lubrication of the parts enclosed shall be equipped with either dipsticks, check
plugs not less than l/2-inch pipe size, or sight gages to determine the level of
the lubricant. Dipsticks shall be marked in accordance with SAE J614b. Each
enclosure shall be equipped with a means for filling the enclosure with
lubricant and for draining. The drain outlets, except outlets fitted with
extensions for accessibility, shall be fitted with a magnetic drain plug. The
drain outlet shall be located so that removal of the plug will result
in complete drainage of the lubricant from the enclosure when the paver is parked
in its normal service position. Integral tubes or troughs may be used to convey
the lubricant from the drain outlet to a hand held container. Accessibility to
the drain plug, the filling means, and the lubricant-level checking device shall
be provided.
3.23.5 Grease lubrication. All grease lubrication points shall be with grease
conforming to MIL-G-10924. The paver shall be assembled, run-in, tested, and
delivered with these greases. Each component shall be tagged in a conspicuous
place to indicate that military grease has been used.
3.23.6 Oil lubrication. Unless otherwise preserved for packaging, all
components shall be filled to the operating level with military oils designated
for use in the temperature of 0 F to 32 F. Each component shall be tagged in a
conspicuous place to indicate the temperature range and grade of lubricant used.
3.24 Fungus and moisture resistance. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2),
the electrical circuitry, including all components and connections except as
specified below, shall be protected from the effects of fungus growth and
moisture by an overall treatment with a varnish conforming to MIL-V-173,
composition as specified in 3.24.1.
Components or circuit elements that are inherently fungus and moisture
resistant or which are hermetically sealed need not be treated.
Components or circuit elements whose functions will be adversely
affected by the varnish coating shall not be treated.
When used, the varnish shall be applied by spray, brush, or a combination of both
to give a dry-film thickness of not less than 1 mil to component or element
surfaces previously cleaned and prepared so that the surfaces are free from all
foreign matter which would interfere with the adherence or function of the varnish.

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