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Page Title: Failure criteria
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Test conditions
Paving Machine,Bituminous Material: Crawler-Mounted,Diesel-Engine-Driven
Rail impact test

MIL-P-335J Operation test.  Raise and block the paver so that the tracks, screed
(and extensions), and other operating components are off the ground or place the
paver on a lubricated steel plate. Start the engine and set all operating
components in motion and operate at low speed for not less than 30 minutes.
Manipulate all controls. Turn on floodlamps. During this test, ignite the
screed burner and operate for 3 minutes. Failure criteria.  Inability to manipulate all controls; evidence
of excessive heating of gear cases, bearings, and bushings; failure of any lamp
to bum throughout the test; or uneven distribution of heat over the entire
screed area shall constitute failure of this test. Crown.  Adjust the screed (including the compacting unit when
hydraulic vibration is employed) to the maximum negative crown. Then adjust to
the maximum positive crown. Failure criteria. Nonconformance to 3.16 shall constitute failure
of this test. Paving width.  Using the cutoff shoes, reduce the paving width in the
specified increments through the range specified in 3.20.3. Then using the
screed extensions or a combination of screed extensions and cutoff shoes, extend
the screed in the specified increments through the range specified in 3.20.1. Failure criteria.  Nonconformance to 3.20.1, 3.20.2 or 3.20.3 shall
constitute failure of this test. Performance. Operate the paver to lay hot bituminous concrete. The
strip shall be approximately 750 feet long, 1-inch thick, and at the maximum
specified extended width. The mat shall contain well-graded aggregate with 100
percent passing a 1/2-inch-square screen opening. The hopper shall recieve the
bituminous concrete from a 71,000 GVW dump truck. Failure criteria. Evidence of malfunction, slippage, or digging-in
of the paver tracks while pushing the truck; evidence of tearing, shoving, or
gouging of the surface; or failure to produce a surface both laterally and longi-
tudinally smooth with the tolerance specified in 3.9 shall constitute failure of
this test. Power rating. Adjust the paver for laying material at the maximum
specified width; place a full capacity load of hot-mix bituminous concrete in
the hopper; operate the paver to push a dump truck loaded to 71,000 GVW up the
specified maximum grade of not less than 5 percent while laying a strip of the
material 1 inch thick by not less than 80 feet long. This test may be performed
concurrently with the test specified in Failure criteria.  Inability to drive the paver under the conditions
specified shall constitute failure of this test. Paving and travel speeds. Operate the paver on an improved level
surface and determine the following:

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