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Page Title: Inspection comparison
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Rail impact test
Paving Machine,Bituminous Material: Crawler-Mounted,Diesel-Engine-Driven
Preservation, packing, and marking

MIL-P-335J Electromagnetic interference. When specified (see 6.2), the paver
shall be tested in accordance with SAE J551. A report tabulating the allowable
maximum interference and the measured interference shall be furnished with the
first article test reports. Failure criteria.  Failure to meet the requirements of SAE J551,
shall constitute failure of this test. Noise level test.  Noise levels shall be measured in accordance with
MIL-STD-1474 requirements and reported in the format indicated by MIL-STD-1474,
Figure 7. As a minimum, noise levels shall be measured when equipment is
oprerating under full load. MIL-STD-1474, contours shall be taken at not
fewer than 12 equal (horizontal) arc increments, one increment shall include
data from the noisiest position. Additionally, the noise level at the typical
operating position shall be provided as dB(A) level. Failure criteria.  Failure to comply with MIL-STD-1474
requirements (see 3.7) shall constitute failure of this test. Compaction.  Operate the paver to lay hot bituminous concrete in the
same manner as specified in  Based upon the method used for compaction
(see 3.14), measure and record the vibration criteria as required in 3.14.1,
3.14.2, 3.14.3, or 3.14.4. This test may be performed concurrently with the
test specified in Failure criteria. Failure to meet the vibration requirements
specified in 3.14.1, 3.14.2, 3.14.3, or 3.14.4 shall constitute failure of this
4.6 Inspection comparison. The Government may select pavers at any time
during the contract production period and subject these to the examination
specified in 4.5.1 and the test specified in 4.5.2 thru to determine
conformance to the requirements of this specification. The inspection will be
performed by the Government, at a site selected by the Government, on until
selected at random from those which have been accepted by the Government and
will not include the previously inspected first article pavers. In addition to
any test specified as part of the inspection comparison, the Government reserves
the right to conduct any and all other tests contained in this specification as
part of the inspection comparison and failure of such additional tests shall
have the same effect as failure of those tests specified as inspection
4.6.1 Inspection failure.  Failure of an inspection comparison paver to meet
any requirement specified herein during and as a result of the examination and
tests specified in 4.6 shall be cause for rejection of the inspection comparison
pavers and shall be cause for refusal by the Government to continue acceptance
of production pavers until evidence has been provided by the contractor that
corrective action has been taken to eliminate the deficiencies. Correction of
such deficiencies shall be accomplished by the contractor at no cost to the
Government on pavers previously accepted and produced under the contract. Any
deficiencies found as a result of the inspection comparison will be considered

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