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Page Title: General specification
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3.2 Materials. Materials shall be in accord-
3.7.1 Thermal shock. The power supply
ance with drawings, material specifications
shall show no evidence of damage and shall
and general specifications forming a part
meet the requirements of this specification
of this specification.
after exposure to the ambient temperatures
specified below within plus or minus 5
3.2.1 External surfaces. The external me-
tallic case of the power supply shall be
(a) The power supply shall be sub-
nickel plated in accordance with Class I of
jected to a gradual increase in
Specification QQ-N290, except that plating
ambient temperature until plus
shall have a minimum thickness of 0.0003
160 Fahrenheit is attained, and
maintained at that ambient for
two hours. The ambient tem-
3.3 Construction. The power supply shall
perature shall then be lowered
be manufactured in accordance with Draw-
to plus 125 Fahrenheit for one
ings C10516158 and all drawings and spec-
hour. The power supply shall
ifications pertaining thereto.
then be immediately exposed' to
standard ambient temperature
3.3.1 Drawings. The drawings forming a
(60 to 90 Fahrenheit).
part of this specification are outline draw-
ings intended to show the configuration of
(b) The power supply shall be sub-
the power supply under procurement. Criti-
jected to a gradual decrease in
cal dimensions and tolerances are furnished,
ambient temperature until minus
65 Fahrenheit is reached and
and no deviation from dimensions or toler-
maintained at that ambient for
ances specified on the applicable outline
two hours. The ambient tem-
drawing shall be permitted without prior
perature shall then be raised to
approval of the contracting officer.
minus 25 Fahrenheit for one
hour. The power supply shall
3.4 Output terminal. The circular convolu-
then be immediately exposed to
tions surrounding the power supply high
standard ambient temperature.
voltage output terminal shall mate with the
high voltage connector assembly.
3.7.2 Operating temperatures. The power
supply housing shall be thermally stabilized
3.5 High voltage surfaces. High voltage
at an ambient temperature of plus 125,
surfaces shall exhibit a well rounded pol-
plus 5 minus 0, Fahrenheit. It shall then
ished surface free from burrs or sharp
be energized and continuously operated' at
the above temperature, without a heat sink,
for at least eight hours. While still thermally
3.6 General specification. The contractor
stabilized at the above temperature the
shall be responsible for the following re-
power supply shall meet applicable require-
quirements of MIL-F-13926:
ments of 3.9. The power supply housing shall
(a) Order of precedence
be thermally stabilized at an ambient tem-
perature of minus 40, plus 0 minus 5,
(b) Dimensions and tolerances
Fahrenheit and then operated for at least
(c) Inorganic protective surface fin-
one hour. While still thermally stabilized at
this latter temperature the power supply
(d) Part identification and marking
shall meet the applicable requirements of 3.9.
(e) Workmanship
3.7.3 Mechanical shock. The power supply
3.7 Environmental.
shall show no evidence of damage and shall

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