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Page Title: Vibration/Shock (Pexiscope)
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MIL-P-48450A(MU) Objective focusing mechanism - Daylight.- Back off the locking
screw on clamp 10516556 a minimum of two full revolutions from its locked
position.  Torque shall be measured while rotating the eccentric through
the range specified in  The running torque required to rotate the
eccentric shall conform to the applicable requirements of for the
temperatures indicated.  Upon completion of this test, return the eccentric
to the position in 3.6.2 and torque the locking screw as specified in Filter assembly.- Manually operate the Handle, 10516536.
The handle shall be capable of positioning each of the four filters into
the field of view.  The handle shall conform to the requirements of
for the temperatures indicated in 3.4.2.  Periscopes which have passed the
above tests of through inclusive, shall be subjected to the
tests in 4.6.3.
4.6.3 Vibration/Shock (Pexiscope).- Pre-vibration/Pre-shock collimation, passive reticle setting.-
This test and the following tests of, and shall
be performed with the periscope positioned and adjusted as in 4.6.4. Prior
to performing these tests, disengage the index pin "D" from the index plate
of the test fixture and place the 10 second level on surface "C" of the
leveling base.  The bubble of the level shall be centered within its gradua-
tion lines.  If it is not, then adjustment is required in accordance with
the procedures prescribed in paragraphs 7 and 8 of the set-up instructions
contained on Drawing F8247391. With the index pin "D" disengage from the
index plate and surface "C" of the leveling base level, view through the
periscope eyepiece (passive) and obtain coincidence of the periscope reticle
boresight cross and the target image crosslines, by means of the passive
boresight knobs (do not slip knob scales). When coincidence has been
obtained, record the boresight knob scale settings for use in the test in  Without disturbing the knob scale settings, the periscope shall
be then subjected to the test in
Insure that knob scales are not disturbed (re-slipped) from
their original recorded settings throughout remainder tests
herein. Pre-vibration/Pre-shock collimation, daylight viewing area.-
While viewing through the periscope eyepiece (daylight), observe the target
(1200 meters) image.  The intersecting point of the vertical and horizontal
reticle lines of the infinity target image projected into Lens 8289292,
shall be superimposed on the intersecting point of the vertical and hori-
zontal lines of the target (1200 meters) image within the tolerance spec-
ified in, as measured on the target. Record the measurement
for use in the test in
Insure that knob scales are not disturbed (re-slipped) from
their original recorded settings throughout remainder of
tests herein. Vibration "A".- Prior to performing this test, the peris-
cope shall be subjected to the test procedure specified in and to determine compliance with 3.6.3.  Subsequent to the above tests,
the periscope shall be vibrated in accordance with Test Method 514.2, Proce-
dure VIII (Tracked Vehicles) of MIL-STD-81O, except the test level and

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