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Page Title: Image intensifier tube
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with respect to Datum Plane "J" and autocollimated within 10 seconds to
Datum Plan "W".  Unless otherwise specified during these tests, the Passive
Focusing Ring 11733436 shall be adjusted for best focus of the target image"
after the diopter adjustment ring of the passive eyepiece is set for best
focus of the phospher grain on the screen of the image tube; Eccentric
10516549 (for adjusting parallax) shall be adjusted for minimum parallax
between the target image and reticle and then locked after the diopter
adjustment knob of the daylight eyepiece is set for best focus of the
projected infinity target; the clear filter shall be positioned in the
field of view and the 10" collimator (8 field of view) shall be adjusted
for 1200 meters.  Light assembly "K" shall be removed when performing tests
for daylight system.  When performing tests for passive system, light
assembly "K" shall be utilized.  The image intensifier tube and reticle
projector lamp shall be permitted a 15 second stabilization period, prior
to conducting the performance tests. Electrical characteristics - passive.
4.6,4.1.1 Image intensifier tube.- Apply 24 VDC 6 VDC to Contact
11733497 (Reference Drawing F11733401) and cycle the on-off switch from
off to on, by means of the shutter lever.  After allowing a 15 second-tube
stabilization period, "view through the passive eyepiece and observe the
image tube screen.  The screen surface of the image intensifier tube shall
be illuminated. Upon satisfactory completion of the test, remove the 24 VDC
6 VDC from Connector 11733497 and apply 3 VDC 0.3 VDC Connector 11733493
(Reference Drawing 11733401).  Cycle the on-off switch from off to on. After
allowing a 15 second tube stabilization period, view through the elbow
assembly eyepiece.  The screen surface of the tube shall be illuminated to
determine overall compliance with
CAUTION:  When the on-off switch is in the "On" position and the input
voltage to the regulator is interrupted, the tube cannot be energized by
reapplication of the input voltage unless the on-off switch is cycled from
off to on. Image steadiness.- Perform this test with the reticle
projector lamp off.  Positon an observation telescope at the passive eye-
piece of the periscope.  The telescope shall contain a crossline reticle
pattern and be capable of focusing on the screen of the image tube. With
the aid of the telescope, view through the passive eyepeice and establish
the telescope reticle crosslines coincident to the projected target image
crosslines.  Observe the target image for a time period of not less than
one minute.  During this one minute time period there shall be no visible
flicker, no movement of the image nor audible sparking as specified in  Image movement shall be determined by means of the target image
with respect to the observation telescope reticle pattern.  Sparking shall
be determined by means of an audio examination. upon completion of this
test, energize the reticle projector lamp. Reticle brightness.- Perform this test concurrent with the
test in With each voltage specified in applied to Con-
tact 11733497 (Reference Drawing F11733401) and the image intensifier tube
energized, rotate the reticle brightness control knob MS 91528-0E1B to the
off position. Then while viewing through the elbow assembly eyepiece, ro-
tate the control knob clockwise throughout its range of movement.  During

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