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Page Title: Engine enclosure
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Suction and discharge connections
Pump Unit, Centrifugal, Diesel-Engine-Driven, 800 GPM at 1800 Feet Total Head
Manual engine speed control

lubrication shall not require energizing the engine starter motor. Engine oil to be at
operational level; this control shall be mounted in the instrument panel.
l. Heavy duty cooling system, shall be capable of maintaining the manufacturer's
recommended coolant temperature while operating at rated capacity and head in an
ambient temperature of 120 F. The radiator shall have provisions for cleaning from
the front, using air.
m. Instrumentation consisting of lubricating oil pressure gage, coolant temperature gage,
tachometer-hourmeter, battery charging indicator and an air cleaner restriction
n. Engine mounting equipped with a minimum of 4 axial and 4 lateral jacking screws to
facilitate alignment of the pump and engine under field conditions.
3.12.1 Engine enclosure. The engine shall be provided with a sheet metal, noise abating
enclosure that shall enclose the engine sides, top (except for the exhaust connections), and ends
(except for openings for cooling air). The enclosure shall be designed for maximum accessibility
for ease of maintenance or replacement of components. Doors or access panels shall be provided
as necessary and shall be fitted with flush-type latches, clamps, or hinges and shall be
self-supporting in the open position. Spring-loaded side panels shall not be used. The enclosure
shall be utilized to the maximum extent in control of temperatures around pump unit components
and in noise control. Ambient temperatures around engine accessories, batteries, and electrical
components shall not exceed 160 F for any load in an ambient temperature of 120 F. Covers
shall be provided for air intake and exhaust if necessary. The pump shall be mounted externally
to the enclosure. All doors and access panels which should be closed or in place when the pump
unit is operating shall be conspicuously marked to indicate this requirement as specified in 3.8.
3.12.2 Connect/disconnect clutch. The engine shall be equipped with a connect/disconnect
clutch that will permit operation of the engine without the pump operating to allow for engine
3.13 Automatic engine/pump controller. The pump unit shall be equipped with an automatic
engine/pump controller. Throttle control for the pump unit shall be provided exclusively by the
automatic engine/pump controller. The automatic engine/pump controller shall provide for two
modes of operation: (1) Manual engine speed control, (2) Discharge and suction pressure
3.13.1 Operator controls. The operator controls shall be located on the instrument panel,
similar to the one shown in figure 3, and shall consist of an adjustable two-position selector
switch and a set point adjustment. The operator's controls shall be labeled as to function as
specified in 3.8. The adjustable two-position selector switch shall provide operation in either of
the two modes "manual engine speed control" or "automatic discharge pressure control". Engine
starting shall be possible only when the two-position switch is in the manual engine speed
control position. The second operator control shall be an adjustable device that will function as a
set point adjustment. When the two-position switch is in the manual engine speed control
position, the set point adjustment shall establish the operating speed of the engine selected by the

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