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Page Title: Hydrostatic test
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Classification of inspections
Pump Unit, Centrifugal, Diesel-Engine-Driven, 800 GPM at 1800 Feet Total Head
Tilted position

119. Operator controls not as specified (see 3.13.1).
120. Manual engine speed control not as specified (see 3.13.2).
121. Automatic discharge pressure control not as specified (see 3.13.3).
122. Pressure ranges not as specified (see 3.13.4).
123. Instrument panel not as specified (see 3.14).
124. Fuel system not as specified (see 3.15).
125. Skid mount not as specified (see 3.16).
126. Transportability requirements not met (see 3.17 thru 3.17.5).
127. Grounding assembly not as specified (see 3.18).
128. Identification marking not as specified (see 3.19.1).
129. Pump inlet and outlet identification not as specified (see 3.19.2).
130. Instruction plates not as specified (see 3.19.3).
131. Performance curve plate not as specified (see 3.19.4).
132. Lubrication not as specified (see 3.20).
133. Lubrication fittings not as specified (see 3.20.1).
134. Lubrication fittings pressure-release device not as specified (see 3.20.2).
135. Finish treatment and painting missing, incomplete, or not as specified (see 3.21).
136. Storage box not as specified (see 3.22).
137. Battery box not as specified (see 3.23).
138. Fungus and moisture resistance treatment not as specified (see 3.25).
139. Dimensions specified are exceeded (see 3.26).
140. Weight specified is exceeded (see 3.27).
141. Fabrication not as specified (see 3.28.1).
142. Bolted connections not as specified (see 3.28.2).
143. Welding not as specified (see 3.28.3).
144. Welders certification not available (see 3.28.4).
145. Machine work not as specified (see 3.28.5).
4.6 Tests.
4.6.1 Hydrostatic test. Each pressure casing shall be hydrostatically tested in accordance with
API Std 610.
4.6.2 Performance. Test conditions. Unless otherwise specified in a test, tests shall be performed in
accordance with the applicable provisions of the test code for centrifugal pumps of the standards of
the Hydraulic Institute. All performance data shall be corrected to standard sea level conditions of a
barometric pressure of 29.92 inches of mercury and liquid fuel at 60 F having a specific gravity of
0.85. Water at a temperature of between 60 and 80 F may be used as the test fluid. All performance
and operational tests specified herein which require engine to be in operation shall be performed
using referee grade diesel fuel conforming to MIL-F-46162 as the engine fuel. Performance test. The pump unit shall be operated as specified in API Std 610,
performance test. The performance test shall also include a net positive suction head required test in
accordance with API Std 610. Operational test and functional test. The pump unit shall be operated for 4 hours at the
rated conditions specified in 3.12.1. The pump unit shall be operated as required during this period

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