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Page Title: Tilted position
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Hydrostatic test
Pump Unit, Centrifugal, Diesel-Engine-Driven, 800 GPM at 1800 Feet Total Head
Quality conformance inspection of packaging.

to verify the functional operation of the automatic controls. The pump shall be examined during
the operation for leakage through the pump casing or the shaft seals and for malfunction of any
component. Any leakage attributable to defects in design, workmanship, materials, or to the
malfunction of any component or inability of the pump to deliver the minimum capacities
specified herein shall constitute failure of this test. Tilted position. The pump unit shall be operated for not less than 30 minutes while it
is positioned 5 degrees from level along the longitudinal centerline of the engine. Evidence of
malfunction or misalignment of components shall constitute failure of this test. Environmental tests. The pump unit shall be tested in accordance with
MIL-STD-810 for the following:
a. Method 501.3, high temperature, procedure II. Maximum nonoperating temperature
is 155 F. Maximum operating temperature is 135 F.
b. Method 502.3, low temperature, procedure I. Minimum nonoperating temperature is
-60 F. Minimum operating temperature is -25 F.
c. Method 500.3, low pressure (altitude), procedure II. Maximum operating temperature
of 100 F at 6000 feet altitude.
A waiver of this test will be permitted when the contractor supplies certification that the pump
unit is capable of operating in the specified environmental conditions. If certification of
performance is provided and accepted, the contractor will provide a warranty to correct any
malfunctions caused by operating in the conditions specified in 3.6. Safety. The pump unit shall be evaluated for safety requirements throughout testing
as specified in 4.6.2. Nonconformance to 3.7 shall constitute failure of this test. Human factors engineering inspection. The human factors engineering
characteristics shall be inspected during testing. Nonconformance to 3.8 shall constitute failure
of this test. Noise level test. Noise levels shall be measured in accordance with MIL-STD-1474,
5.1 requirements and reported in the format indicated by MIL-STD-1474, figure 7. As a
minimum: noise levels shall be measured when equipment is operating under full load;
MIL-STD-1474, contours shall be taken at not fewer than 12 equal arc increments, one
increment shall include data from the noisiest position. Additionally, the noise level at the
typical operating position shall be provided as dB(A) level. Failure to comply with 3.9 and
MIL-STD-1474 provisions shall constitute failure of this test. Electromagnetic interference. The pump unit shall be tested to determine
conformance with 3.24. Nonconformance to 3.24 shall constitute failure of this test. Transportability tests. Tiedown provisions. The tiedown provisions shall be tested in accordance with
MIL-STD-209 to prove conformance to 3.17.1. Inability to meet the requirements of 3.17.1 shall
constitute failure of this demonstration.

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