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Page Title: First article pack
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Quality conformance inspection of packaging.
Pump Unit, Centrifugal, Diesel-Engine-Driven, 800 GPM at 1800 Feet Total Head
Consolidation containers

5.1 First article pack. The contractor shall furnish a first article pack for examination within
the time frame specified (see 6.2) to prove, prior to starting production packaging that the
applied preservation, packing, and marking comply with the packaging requirements of this
specification. Examination shall be as specified in section 4 and shall be subject to surveillance
and approval by the Government (see 6.5). The first article pack may be accomplished utilizing
either the first article pump unit or a production pump unit. If the first article pump unit is
utilized, any preservation and packing shall be removed by the contractor at no expense to the
Government, when requested by the Government to facilitate comparison between the first
article pump unit and production pump units.
5.2 General. Special considerations shall be afforded this product because of an anticipated
extended period of storage under unfavorable environmental conditions. The preservation
measures, the application of preservatives, the materials and methods required for packing, and
the detailed marking of the containers shall be administered in a manner to assure strict
compliance to the requirements specified or referenced herein.
5.3 Wood preservation. All lumber and plywood used in the packaging of this product shall
be treated with the water-repellent preservative copper naphthenate or copper 8-quinolinolate in
accordance with TT-W-572, composition C or D.
5.3.1 Surface protection. All metal surfaces that come in direct contact with the treated
wood/plywood shall be protected with noncorrosive barrier material conforming to MIL-B-121,
type I, grade A, class 2. The material shall completely cover the contact surfaces and shall be
secured in place, when required, with tape conforming to PPP-T-60.
5.3.2 Fasteners. All fasteners used in the fabrication of any component of a wooden
container, all fasteners used in the blocking, bracing, and anchoring of the item to any
components of a wooden container together shall be hot-dip galvanized fasteners.
5.4 Preservation. Preservation shall be level A or C, as specified (see 6.2).
5.4.1 Level A. Each complete pump unit shall be preserved in accordance with the level A
requirements of MIL-P-10603 except that type P-14 preservative shall be used in lieu of
type P-10, and the cooling system shall be preserved by the water and antifreeze procedure
specified in MIL-E-10062, using antifreeze conforming to MIL-A-46153, and that consolidation
containers, when required, shall be in accordance with PPP-B-601, overseas type. Suction and discharge connection openings. In addition to the barrier material
application required in MIL-P-10603 to seal certain openings, each suction and discharge
connection opening shall be protected with a sheet of 3/8-inch thick plywood (see 5.3). The
plywood sheet shall extend, around the perimeter, a minimum of 1 inch beyond the flange and
shall be attached to the connection with a minimum of 4 equally spaced metal mechanical
fasteners. Skid mount. Void areas between the supporting cross members of the skid mount
and, as applicable, void areas at the ends of the skid, shall be closed off with 3/4-inch thick

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