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Page Title: Operating temperatures
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Storage temperatures.  Testing equipment utilized in this test
shall be in accordance with the "Test Facilities" requirements of MIL-F-13926
and the conditions of 3.4.4.  The panel assembly shall be exposed to each
specified temperature for a minimum of 5 hours.  Subsequent to the temperature
exposures, the panel assembly shall be stabilized in an ambient temperature
between +60 and +90 Fahrenheit and subjected to the visual, tactile, and
audible examination of  The panel assembly shall show no evidence of
damage.  Upon successful completion of this examination the panel assembly
shall be subjected to the tests specified in 4.6.3 through to deter-
mine overall conformance with 3.4.4.
4.6.3 Operating temperatures.  This test may be performed In conjunction
with the test in 4.6.2 utilizing the testing equipment specified therein. The
conditions of 3.4.3 shall apply.  The panel assembly shall be exposed to each
temperature extreme specified in 3.4.3 for a minimum of 5 hours.  At the end
of each 5 hour period, and while still at the temperature extreme, the panel
assembly shall be subjected to the tests specified in 4.6.5 to inclu-
sive.  The panel assembly shall conform to the requirements of 3.4.3.
4.6.4 Vibration.  Perform this test with the panel assembly positioned on
special testing equipment that conforms to  Energize the panel
assembly in accordance with the procedure defined in  The panel
assembly shall be vibrated in accordance with procedure IX, part 1 of
MIL-STD-810, except that the frequency, frequency cycling and amplitude of
vibration shall be as specified in 3.4.1.  During the vibration cycle, the
high voltage oscillator circuit of the panel assembly shall be subjected to
the tests specified in through inclusive, and shall
confirm to the applicable requirements specified therein (see note under Table
IV).  At the conclusion of the vibration test de-energize the panel assembly
and subject it to the test in Examination.  Subsequent to vibration, the panel assmbly shall be
thoroughly examined for physical defects resulting from poor workmanship and
materials, to determine compliance with 3.4.1, prior to being subjected to the
remaining tests specified herein.  A visual and tactile examination shall be
made for missing or damaged parts and to check functioning of moving parts for
undue irregularities of movement, friction or looseness.  An audible examina-
tion shall be made for loose or broken internal parts and solder.  Any one of
the possible defects defined above shall be cause to consider a panel assembly
defective.  Upon successful completion of this examination the panel assembly
shall then be subjected to the test specified in 4.6.5 to inclusive
to determine overall compliance with 3.4.1.
4.6.5 Performance.  The following tests shall be performed with the regu-
lated voltage supply defined under 4.5.3 connected to the panel assembly as
Indicated in 3.5.1 and 3.5.2.  Unless otherwise specified, the required power
source voltages shall be applied in positive polarity.  The remaining test
equipment defined under 4.5.3 shall be utilized to measure the applicable out-
put performance of the panel assembly.

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