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Page Title: Inspection of packaging.
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Table I. Examination schedule.
Retrofit Kit, Roller, Mine Clearing: Track-Width, Tank - Mounted
Table III. Examination schedule.

MIL-R-53002(ME) Test procedures (initial production testing). One or more initial production kits,
selected at random, shall be examined for the characteristics listed in column 3 of table I and
subjected to the test specified in column 3 of table II to determine conformance.
4.6 Inspection comparison. The Government may select kits at any time during the initial
production period and subject these kits to the examinations specified in 4.4.2 and the tests
specified in 4.5.2 to determine conformance to the requirements of this specification. The
inspection will be performed by the contractor at the contractor's location, witnessed by
Government inspectors, on kits selected at random from those which have been accepted by the
Government but will not include the previously inspected initial production model. In addition to
any test specified as part of the inspection comparison, the Government reserves the right to
conduct any and all other tests contained in this specification as part of the inspection comparison.
Failure of such additional tests shall have the same effect as failure of those tests specified as
inspection comparison.
4.6.1 Inspection failure. Failure of an inspection comparison kit to meet any requirement
specified herein during and as a result of the examination and tests specified in 4.5.2 shall be cause
for rejection of the inspection comparison kit and shall be cause for refusal by the Government to
continue acceptance of initial production kits until evidence has been provided by the contractor,
at no cost to the Government, that all deficiencies have been corrected. Any deficiencies found as
a result of the inspection comparison will be considered prima facie evidence that all kits accepted
prior to the completion of inspection comparison are similarly deficient, unless evidence to the
contrary is furnished by the contractor and such evidence is acceptable to the contracting officer.
4.7 Inspection of packaging.
4.7.1 Examination. The preproduction pack shall be examined for the defects specified in
table III. Presence of one or more defects shall be cause for rejection. Tests. The kit, prepared for shipment, shall be subjected to the pendulum impact test
in accordance with FED-STD-101, Test Method 5012. At the conclusion of the test, any shifting
of packed components, loosening or breaking of holddown provisions, ties, blocking or bracing,
or damage to system components shall constitute failure of the test and be cause for rejection.
4.7.2 Quality conformance inspection (packaging). Unit of product. For purposes of inspection, a complete kit prepared for shipment as
specified shall be considered a unit of product. Sampling. Sampling for examination shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-105.

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