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Page Title: Test methods and procedures.
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Radiographic inspection.
Release, Firing Pin, Gas Actuated, M1A1 Assembly
Packaging, packing, and marking

(7) Ball, metal, MS 19060-1004
(8) 0-ring, MS 28775-008
(9) 0-ring, MS 28775-010 Breakaway torque. Each firing pin release assembly shall be subjected to the breakaway
torque test. Failure of any assembly to comply with the requirements of 3.9 shall be cause for rejection of
the assembly. Functioning. Each firing pin release assembly shall be functionally tested. Failure of any
assembly to comply with the requirements of 3.8 shall be cause for rejection of the assembly.
4.6 Test methods and procedures.
4.6.1 Hardness. Prior to the application of protective finish, a hardness tester shall be used to
determine compliance with the requirements of the applicable drawing.
4.6.2 Hydraulic pressure. Prior to application of protective finish the cylinder and housing shall be
mounted in the device, using a fixture for properly sealing all openings, and subjected to the internal
hydrostatic pressure to determine compliance with 3.4.
4.6.3 Protective finish. Test procedures for protective finish shall be in accordance with the applicable
specification referenced on the applicable drawing.
4.6.4 Residual magnetism. The assembly shall be tested for excessive residual magnetism using an
approved compass in an area free of local magnetic effects by placing the assembly 5 inches from the end
and at the same height as the compass, in a north-south horizontal position (cylinder end south) with the
compass set in an east-west heading. The assembly shall be moved at a speed no greater than 10 feet per
minute past the compass for its entire length, rotated 90 degrees in the horizontal position about its
longitudinal axis and moved slowly back past the compass. This procedure shall be repeated for each 90
degree rotation of the assembly for four full passes.
4.6.5 Static load. The rod of the rod and piston subassembly shall be secured in a fixture. The piston
shall be attached to a second fixture which contains a load cell calibrated to show the amount of load applied
to the end of the rod.
4.6.6 Metal parts assembly. The assembly is to be rotated freely 360 degrees and then rotated with a
20 pound resistive load trying to push the rod in 360 degrees and after the load is removed tested for free
rotation 360 degrees again.
4.6.7 Breakaway torque. The cylinder of each firing pin release assembly, prior to sealing of the 4
cylinder holes, shall withstand a breakaway torque of 50 inch pounds with respect to the firing pin release

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