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Page Title: Panel-mounted assemblies
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Switching Equipment, Combat System, Command and Control, Fire Control, And Interior Communication General Specification
Spare panel-mounted assemblies, circuit breakers, or switches

constitute a personnel hazard.  Door hinge and door latch thrust and sleeve
bearings shall be made from oil-impregnated material, type I, in accordance
with MIL-B-5687.  Door rollers shall be made from copper-silicon alloy in
accordance with QQ-C-591. Panel-mounted assemblies.  Panel-mounted assemblies shall be in
accordance with requirements of MIL-STD-1657.  When any of these panel-mounted
assemblies are located in the vertical column of panel spaces next to the door
latches on the front panel layout drawing, the "short depth" (length) dimensions
as shown on the figures in requirements 5 through 15, 17, and 18 of MIL-STD-1657
shall apply. Cable entrance.  Cable entrance shall be as specified in the
applicable specification sheet. Step plate.  A step plate or protective plate shall be provided
as specified in the applicable specification sheet.  Gray rubber matting in
accordance with MIL-M-15562 (secured with adhesive in accordance with MMM-A-121)
shall be provided on these plates. Lifting eyebolts.  Provision shall be made for lifting eyebolts
as specified in the applicable specification sheet.  Lifting eyebolts shall be
provided by the manufacturer. Grounding and bonding.  Doors and supporting framework, front and
back switchboard sections, and adjacent switchboard sections shall be bonded in
accordance with the requirements of MIL-STD-131O.  A grounding terminal (or bus
as required) shall be located on the inside of the left hand (when viewed from
the front of the switchboards) bottom side frame member of each type II, IV, VI,
VII, IX, X, and XII switchboard front section (back section for type VIII) for
grounding the frame to its foundation. For types III, V, and XI switchboards
and control indicators, the grounding terminal shall be located on the lower
right side (when viewed from the front of the switchboard) of the outside of
the enclosure.  Grounding strap will be provided by the installing activity.
Those circuits identified as "SWBD GND" shall be wired to this ground terminal
either directly or via terminals on a terminal board in the bottom module. If
vibration or shock mounts are used to protect an internal chassis or items on
the chassis, the chassis shall be bonded to the unit enclosure.  The ship hull,
internal chassis, or unit enclosure shall not be used in lieu of appropriate
electric conductors in equipment circuitry.  No electric circuit which connects
directly to ship wiring external to the unit enclosure shall be electrically
connected to the ship hull (placed at ship hull potential),  Meter cases shall
be securely grounded to the switchboard frame, either through the mounting
hardware or by grounding straps. Card holder.  When specified (see 6.2.1), a card holder shall be
provided inside each switchboard section to hold the revision record card (see  This holder shall be located on the right hand side of the switch-
board section, horizontally at the top of the switchboard section, or on the
right side of the door assembly. Hinged module stops.  Means shall be provided on hinged modules
to prevent their opening beyond the angle specified in the applicable specifi-
cation sheet.

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