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Page Title: Switch mounting
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Standard electronic and electrical parts
Switching Equipment, Combat System, Command and Control, Fire Control, And Interior Communication General Specification
Remote operated rotary selector switches

MIL-S-17000N(SH) Switch mounting.  Switches shall be mounted so that the switch
handle will be vertical on vertical panels or perpendicular to the operating
edge on sloping or horizontal panels, when the switches are in their normal
operating position.  Normal operating position will be specified in the ATDP.
Switch styles JR, JM, JK, lSR, and 6SR over nine sections and JL, MO and MC
over five sections shall be secured at the rear to protect against damage due
to shock. Blank switch positions.  Blank positions shall not be located
between two used positions of rotary or linear movement switches used for system
circuit switching.  Transfer of circuits shall be from one active position of
the switch to an adjacent active position.  Stops shall be provided on rotary
and linear movement switches to prevent moving switch contacts to blank positions. Spare switch poles.  Where two or more switches are required to
switch one group of functions to a particular station (such as a launcher assign
switch), at least 10 percent of the total poles shall be provided as spares on
one switch of the group.  (See regarding information on grouping of
circuits through a switch.)  Where five or more switches are specified in the
ATDP to switch one group of functions, a spare panel space (see 3.5.4) shall
be provided adjacent to these switches.  Switch pole requirements specified
herein are minimum requirements and are not intended to restrict the use of
more switches where separation of circuits would help in eliminating electrical
interference between circuits.  Spare switch poles specified herein are require-
ments applicable to the initial design of the switchboard and may be used up
during development of the design. Switch arrangement.  Switch assemblies shall be arranged or grouped
together for one station (such as a signal data converter or a fire control sys-
tem) without regard to whether switches are manually or remotely operated.  When
practicable,  switches for one station shall be in one vertical column and
switches for one function or related functions shall be in one horizontal row.
In order to reduce inter-switch harness density, switch assemblies for one
station may be located adjacent to each other or in separate switchboard sections
of a multi-section switchboard. Thumbwheel switches.
Rotary (thumbwheel, in-line) switches shall
be in accordance with MIL-s-2271O. Toggle switches.
Toggle switches shall be in accordance with
MIL-S-3950. Sensitive switches.
Sensitive switches shall be in accordance
with MIL-S-8805. Manual operated rotary selector switches. Rotary selector switches
shall be in accordance with MIL-S-21604, or as specified in the ATDP.  Style
JR and JM switches shall be 25 sections, except that 15 sections or less may
be used where these switches are specified in a switchboard using style LS,
BLS, CLS, or JLS switches (see for exception). Type S-JF shall not be used in I.C. switchboards.

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