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Page Title: Circuit breakers
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Fuses, fuseholders, fusing, and circuit breakers
Switching Equipment, Combat System, Command and Control, Fire Control, And Interior Communication General Specification
Current transformers

MIL-S-17000N(SH) Circuit breakers. Circuit breakers, type ALB in accordance with
MIL-C-17588, or type AQB in accordance with MIL-C-17361 as applicable, may be
used in motor supply circuits having inrush currents.  Unless specified in the
ATDP, circuit breakers shall not be used in other circuits.
3.6.6 Connectors.  Connectors shall be of the type that use crimp type
removable contacts in accordance with through A minimum of
one of each type of mating connector shall be provided as spares in the INCO
kits as pertains to each respective switchboard. Harness wiring connectors.  Unless otherwise specified in the
ATDP, connectors used on internal harness wiring (on back section modules and
on panel-mounted assemblies) shall be in accordance with MIL-C-28748. Part
number M28748/09FONOlA in accordance with MIL-C-28748/9 shall be used on fixed
structures and part number M28748/10FOALIA in accordance with MIL-C-28748/10
shall be used on harness and intersection wiring. Linear movement switch connectors. Connectors used on linear
movement switches shall be in accordance with MIL-C-28731 or as specified on
the applicable drawings listed in Ship cable connectors.  For types IV, V, VI, IX, and XII switch-
boards and when specified (see 6.2.1) for control indicators, connectors used
with ship cables shall be class D in accordance with MIL-C-5015 or equivalent
or MIL-C-39012 (for coaxial cables) as specified in the ATDP.  Box mounted
connector receptacles in accordance with MS3402 (with pin contacts) shall be
installed on the switchboards and the control indicator.  When the connector
receptacle is mounted in a vertical or angled position, the keyway shall be at
the top.  When the connector receptacle is mounted in a horizontal position, the
keyway shall be towards the front of the switchboard. Mating connector plugs
to be installed on ship cables shall be in accordance with MS3406 (with socket
contacts).  For type IV switchboards, the back shells shall be 45-degree strain
relief clamps in accordance with MS3415.  For type V switchboards, the back
shells shall be straight strain relief clamps in accordance with MS3417.  For
types VI and IX switchboards, the backshells shall be specified in the ATDP.
Connector plugs used with type 2U45 cable conforming to MIL-C-915/63 shall use
insert arrangement 44-52 with size 16-22 socket contacts.  For type VIII switch-
boards, connectors used with ship cables shall be in accordance with MIL-C-28731.
The specific part numbers of the connector receptacles on the switchboard and
of the connector plugs on the ship cables shall be specified in the ATDP.
Mating ship cable connector plugs shall be furnished and shipped with each
switchboard if not furnished as part of the wiring fixture (see 3.8 and 5.1.3).
Connector contacts for size 8 AWG wire or larger may be solder type. MS sheets specified herein shall be adhered to and all connectors
shall be of the front release type.  Tool and ancillary items shall be compatible
with the specific connectors provided.
Transformers and inductors.  Transformers and inductors shall be in
with requirement 14 of MIL-STD-454 and transformers shall be grade 5,
class S of

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