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Table VI. List of required tools in support of switchboard cont'd
Switching Equipment, Combat System, Command and Control, Fire Control, And Interior Communication General Specification

3.11 Services.  When specified (see 6.2.1), the services of a competent
engineer shall be furnished for checking and placing switching equipment in a
satisfactory operating condition.  Due to the complicated nature of the systems
involved, these services are considered essential, and special attention is
invited to this requirement.  The establishment of a competent engineering
service department will be considered as a condition precedent to bidding on
switching equipment.  The Government may conduct such investigations as may
be considered necessary to establish the competency of engineering services of
a contractor.  Travel orders of field engineers shall contain information
similar to figure 5.  These services shall consist of the following:
Installing connecting wiring between front and back sections
and between the sections of a switchboard (preformed factory
Ensuring proper operation of switchboard equipment (remote
operated switches, relays and power supplies).
Correction of switchboard manufacturing errors which may exist
in spite of thorough checking of drawings and equipment.
Installing system changes which occur in the late stages of the
overall control system installation and which timewise cannot
be immediately incorporated in the manufacturer's drawings nor
in the switchboard prior to the system circuit tests.
Modifying wiring as necessary during the system circuit test to
ensure compatibility with control system equipment.  These
changes occur because of the on-the-spot changes by equipment
manufacturer's engineers to make individual control systems
equipment function properly.  Such changes shall be recorded
by the engineer at the time of the change and both the con-
tractor and the contracting officer shall be immediately
informed of the changes in order to ensure the accuracy of
switchboard documentation.
Ensuring that a complete, up-to-date set of the electrical
drawings in through for each switchboard is
made available to the ship just prior to the builder's trials.
These prints shall be obtained from the reproducible copies
provided the installing activity and marked up to include any
changes made during the last stages of completion of the ship.
3.11.1 Engineering service reports shall be prepared in accordance with
the data ordering document included in the contract (see 6.2.2).  An engineering
service report shall be prepared for each trip made in connection with switch-
board modifications of other services relating to installation, checkout, or
tests of switching equipment.  The report shall be submitted as specified in the
data ordering document included in the contract or order.  In the event that
services exceed one week, a weekly report shall be submitted within one week
after the end of the work week.  Reports shall contain the following information
submitted on a form similar to figure 6.
(a) Activity visited.
(b) Dates and times of arrival and departure.
(c) Description of work accomplished (for example, routine checkout,
, dressed switchboards, cleared
installed Field Change No.
casualties or corrected discrepancies found during shipboard

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