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Page Title: Parts list (parts population)
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Switchboard overall assembly drawing
Switching Equipment, Combat System, Command and Control, Fire Control, And Interior Communication General Specification
Quality Assurance Provisions

" column for each assembly.
column shall be replaced by a "No. Reqd. for No.
The unit weight and stock number need not be listed  Each wire type and the
approximate total length of each type used shall be listed. Parts list (parts population).  Manufacturer shall prepare a
tabulation of parts used on the switchboards being furnished on the contract.
This tabulation shall show the quantities used on each individual switchboard.
3.12.2 Preparation of drawings.  In addition to the requirements of the
data ordering documents, the features specified in through 3.
shall be included in the drawings specified in through Size.  The maximum size of original drawings shall be size H
with a maximum length of 88 inches.  All sheets of a multisheet drawing shall
be the same size.  Size E drawings shall not be used.  (See ANSI Y14.1 for
description of size E and H drawings.) Prints for submittal.  Prints made to be submitted for approval
shall be approximately 11 by 34 inches with borders not less than 10-1/2
inches high. Detail accuracy.  Drawings of assemblies or subassemblies shall
be correct in content and details to permit checking for interference or mis-
mating or working parts. Drawing numbering and titles.  All sheets of a multisheet drawing
shall have the same basic title.  Subtitles may be used on other than the first
sheet to locate major features.  The title shall clearly indicate the infor-
mation shown on the drawing.  Multisheet drawings shall bear the same drawing
number followed by sheet 1, sheet 2, sheet 3, and so on.  Only the first sheet
shall show the total number of sheets.  Drawing numbers assigned by the manu-
facturer shall not contain prefix or suffix letters that could be confused with
drawing size or revision letters.  The first sheet of multisheet drawings shall
include a tabulation "Revision status of sheets" showing the revision letter
of each sheet.  This tabulation shall be located immediately over the title
block.  Title blocks of continuation sheets shall be in accordance with ANSI
Y14.1. Revision of drawings. Revision of a drawing will be issued as a Notice of Revision
(NOR) showing only the area of the drawing affected by the change in the contract
or order (see 6.2.2). The revision block of revised drawings shall show the basic
authority for the change.  The "Revision status of sheets" block (see
shall show the revision status of each sheet. Drawings shall be revised prior to modification of the equip-
ment and submitted as specified in the contract prior to their release for use
in modifying the equipment.  For urgent modifications of equipment, authority
to proceed with the work prior to drawing revision shall be obtained from the
contracting activity.  Where drawings are "approved subject to modifications",
they shall be revised and distributed for information to the destinations

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