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Page Title: General examination
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Table VII. Qualification inspection.
Switching Equipment, Combat System, Command and Control, Fire Control, And Interior Communication General Specification
Control indicators

4.4.2 Test conditions.  Except for those tests where the following
factors are the variables, tests shall be conducted with the equipment operat-
ing under the following conditions:
(a) Ambient temperature and humidity shall be between 70 and 80F
and the relative humidity shall be between 25 and 50 percent.
(b) Supply voltage shall be the nominal operating voltage.
(c) Supply frequency shall be the nominal operating frequency.
4.5 General examination.  The completed unit shall be given a thorough
examination to determine that it conforms to the applicable specification and
drawings with respect to material, finish, workmanship, construction, assembly,
dimensions, weight, and marking of identification and description plates.  This
examination shall be limited to those that can be performed without disassembling
the unit in such a manner that its performance, durability, or appearance would
be affected.  This examination shall include a check of operating controls,
circuit functions, synchro connections for compliance with requirement 2 of
MIL-STD-1657, test facilities, and adjustments, as applicable.
4.6 Tests.
4.6.1 Circuit tests.  Circuit tests shall be performed by the use of
appropriate test equipments.  Tests specified in 4.6.3 and 4.6.4 (dielectric
withstanding voltage and insulation resistance tests) may also be performed by
this test equipment during the circuit tests (see When used for
tests outlined in, the test equipment shall be connected to the ship
wire terminals or ship cable connectors on the modules.  Remote operated switch
assemblies, relays, flasher, and similar items, shall be electrically operated
at least ten times, either during production tests on the individual items or
as part of the hot tests required in These tests shall be con-
ducted to ensure that short circuits are not present in the equipment. Switchboards.  Each switchboard of one or more sections shall be
completely assembled and interconnected and tested for the features listed below:
"Cold'* tests.  Continuity shall be checked for circuits that
do not connect to a conversion device (such as a signal
generator, transformer, or synchro signal converter) to
determine that the signals are transmitted in accordance
with the requirements specified on the detail schematic
wiring diagrams.  Discontinuity shall be checked by
repositioning switches and removing fuses in the circuit
to verify power interruption in accordance with the require-
ments specified on the detail schematic wiring diagrams.
The circuits shall be tested to ground to verify proper
isolation from ground.
"Hot" tests.  Operation of switchboard units and related
circuitry (such as remote operated switch assemblies, relays,
signal generators, meters, lights, power supplies, flashers)
and synchro signal converters) shall be checked to verify
proper operation of the unit and related circuitry in accord-
ance with the requirements specified on the detail schematic

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