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Page Title: Receiving hopper
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centerline of the tail pulley is within 6 inches of the back flashing
on the hopper when 6 inches of belt take-up remains, the return roll
will not be required.
3.11.5 Take-up adjustment.  A take-up adjustment consisting of two,
l-inch Acme thread arrangements (one per side) shall be provided at
the tail pulley.  The total available-take-up shall be not less than
12 inches.
3.11.6 Conveyor belt.  The conveyor belt shall conform to ZZ-B-206,
type A, class 2, grade 375, 24 inches in width, with the following
exceptions.  The top cover shall be l/8-inch thick and the bottom cover
shall be 1/16-inch thick with a skim coat between all plies.  The
tensile strength of the top and bottom covers shall be not less than
2,000 psi.
3.11.7 Belt fasteners.  The conveyor belt shall be provided with
bolted-metal-plate, hinged-type fasteners which are capable of assembly
and disassembly by inserting and removing the hinge pin.
3.11.8 Receiving hopper.  The receiving hopper shall be mounted at
the lower end of the conveyor frame and shall be removable. The hopper
shall be of the skirt-board type and shall be three-sided.  The hopper
shall have sloping sides to prevent spillage of material.  The hopper
shall extend not less than 12 inches behind the discharge of the recip-
rocating feeder.  The hopper shall be fabricated of steel plate con-
forming to ASTM A-242 and shall be not less than 0.140 inch in nominal
thickness.  The space between the three sides of the hopper and the
conveyor belt shall be provided with adjustable and replaceable rubber
flashing mounted under the hopper plates.  The flashing shall be l/4-
inch, 5-percent-impregnated, abrasion-resistant, natural rubber com-
pound of 2,500 to 3,000 psi tensile strength, 500 percent elongation, and
a durometer hardness of 40 to 50.
3.11.9 Belt cleaners. An adjustable, replaceable, spring0-loaded,
single-blade, rubber belt scraper shall be mounted at the drive (head)
end pulley arranged so that the scraped material falls forward and to-
ward the main discharge.  The scraper blade shall be not less than 1-
inch thick and shall be split in the center to permit matching the con-
tour of the crown.  A plow-type scraper equipped with a rubber blade
shall be mounted inside the return run of the belt at the foot (tail)
end pulley. All scraper blades shall exert uniform pressure across the
full width of the belt.  The scraper blades shall be neoprene rubber not
less than 3/8- inch thick with not less than 1,200 psi tensile strength
and a durometer hardness of 65 to 75.

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