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Page Title: Wheel assemblies.
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suspensions such that the axle wheelbases on each side do not differ
in excess of 1/8 inch.  Semitrailer alinement in accordance with SAE
J875 is acceptable.  Tandem axle wheelbases shall be not less than
50 inches center-to-center.  Elastomer stops or bumpers shall prevent
metal-to-metal contact at maximum jounce and rebound positions of all
wheels.  The suspension shall have sufficient articulation to permit
the semitrailer and semitrailer-tiny combination to roll over 6-inch-
high obstacles with any two wheels, without loss of tire-to-ground
contact.  Suspension mounts shall be installed on the axles in accord-
ante with the suspension and axle manufacturer's recommendations.
3.13.3 Wheel assemblies.  The semitrailer shall be equipped with
malleable iron or cast steel spoke dual wheels compatible with the
axle assembly specified in 3.13.2.  Each assembly shall consist of
the spoke wheel hub with bearing cups pressed into place, a cast
iron brake drum, two rims, a wheel spacer, rim clamps, hub cap, bolts
or studs, nuts, and all other accessories necessary to accommodate the
tires specified in Wheels, spacers} and demountable rims
shall be in accordance with SAE J851.  The width of the spacer shall
provide a minimum of 0.5 inch dual tire bulge clearance under load. Wheels.  The wheels shall be 15-inch, 3- or 6-spoke.
Malleable iron wheels shall be of material conforming to SAE 35018,
grade A.  Cast steel wheels shall be of material conforming to SAE
0030.  Rim clamps shall be malleable iron conforming to SAE 35018,
grade A.  Studs and bolts shall be in accordance with SAE J429,
grade 5 or 6, with a minimum tensile strength of 120,000 psi. Rims and brake drums.  The rims shall be size 15 by 7.5 -
5 degrees, three piece type for tube-type tires and shall accommodate
the tires specified in 3.13,3.3.  Rims shall conform to the Tire and
Rim Association Yearbook.  The semitrailer shall be furnished with
one spare rim without tire.  The location of the rim shall provide
space-for the spare tire and rim assembly and shall permit removal
and replacement of the spare by not more than two men.  The spare
tire and rim assembly shall not come loose, be damaged, or interfere
with any component of the screening unit during travel or operation.
The brake drums shall have a wearing surface of SAE J431 automotive, gray
cast iron, SAE G3500 or SAE G4000, and shall be of the anti-bell mouth
type.  The braking surface shall be compatible with the brake lining
specified in 3.13.5. Tires and tubes.  The tires shall be in accordance with
MS35390-47, 11.00 by 15, 16-ply rating, and shall conform to MIL-T-12459.

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