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Page Title: Durability Tests
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Table VII. Location of jumper
Test Set Mark 127 MOD 4
Preservation packaging

d. Depress the TEST switch. The green panel lamp PL 12 adjacent to the TEST switch shall
e. Release the TEST switch. Panel Lamp PL 12 shall be extinguished
f. Remove the jumper. Operation of self controlled rotary switch, REL-X With the test set energized,
procedures. through shall be performed in sequence.
a Set the TEST SELECTOR switch at 1.
b. Momentarily depress the START switch. The test set shall cycle until the HOME lamp
lights. (This procedure may be omitted if the HOME lamp is already lit).
c. Momentarily depress the START switch. When panel lamp PL 1 lights, immediately depress
and hold the ADVANCE switch. The test set shall cycle rapidly until the HOME lamp lights.
d. Release the ADVANCE switch.
4.9 Durability tests.
4.9.1 Repeated package impact. For this test, the test set in its shipping container shall be
placed on a vibration platform equipped with barriers so as to allow free movement of the test set
relative to the platform but prevent it from falling off the platform. The motion of the platform
shall be such that any point on the platform moves in a circular path one inch in diameter with
the plane of the circle perpendicular to the platform. The frequency shall be within the range
of 240 to 300 cycles per minute. The vibration shall be for one-half hour on each face of the
shipping container.
4.9.2 Shock, transportation, storage and handling. The test set in the shipping container shall
be dropped cornerwise from a height of 30 inches onto a solid steel or concrete surface in such
a manner that one corner and one face of the shipping container absorbs the full force of the fall.
(The height of 30 inches refers to the distance from the steel or concrete surface to the nearest
comer of the test set when suspended prior to fall). The fall shall be freefall in that no ropes or
other suspended media are attached to the container during the fall. Damage to the shipping
container which could result in loss of contents or failure of the container in subsequent handling
shall result in the packaging and packing being regarded defective and in the ease of a periodic
test sample may require that the contractor repackage and repack the lot represented by the
sample. Minor container damage such as chipping of wood members, dents and/or paint chipping
is not evidence that the shipping container has failed this test. After the shipping container has
been examined, the test set shall be removed from its shipping container and unit container and
examined. A test set shall be regarded as defective when there is visual evidence of mechanical
damage or the hardware has loosened.

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