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Page Title: Engine cooling system
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MIL-T-26025E (USAF)
b. High coolant temperature warning light (above manufacturer's recommended
maximum). Engine cooling system.  The engine shall be equipped with a cooling system capable of
satisfactory performance under the environmental conditions specified herein; coolant temperature shall
not exceed the engine manufacturer's recommended maximum and shall be designed to 60% converter
stall. Expansion tanks of sufficient capacity for expansion of all coolant in the system shall be provided.
Coolant liquid (antifreeze) shall be protected to -40 F for Type C winterization and -65 F for Type A
Starting system.  The starting system shall be of the electric type and shall include an ether
injection system, The system shall start the engine under the following conditions:
40 through 125
Glow plugs and fluid starting
1 through 39
-40 through 0
Glow plugs, fluid starting
aids and heat from the winter-
ization system
The electric starting system shall consist of a starting motor, solenoid relay Electric starter<
switch, neutral safety switch, starter button and/or ignition switch. The necessary wiring and cables
assembled in a complete unit shall be in the form of harnesses with MS style quick disconnect. Ether injection.  An ether injector, in accordance with MIL-E-52649A, Type III, shall be
provided. It shall be of the measured shot type and shall have thermal controls which protect the engine
against ether injection after warm-up. Starting system safety devices.
The starting system shall have the following safety devices:
Shall not engage while engine is rotating.
b. Shall not crank with transmission in gear (neutral safety switch).
aust syste m.  The exhaust system shall be designed to expel exhaust gases in a manner
that is not hazardous to operators or mechanics; the outlet shall be directed toward the side of the tractor.
The exhaust system, including all fasteners, shall be constructed of corrosion resistant materials.
Emission of sparks shall be prevented through the use of a spark arrestor or spark arresting muffler
conforming to the material and performance requirements of Department of Agriculture 5100-1A.
The vehicle shall be provided with a heavy duty automatic or semi-automatic Transmission.
transmission. The transmission shall transmit continuous full power through the entire gear range.
The transmission shall be driven through a matched torque converter. The transmission shall permit the
performance given in paragraph 3.2.1 and provide a reverse speed of not less than 2 1/2 MPH. The
transmission shall be a current production model and rated for at least the maximum stall torque capacity
of the torque converter, Maximum allowable transmission temperature during all operations shall not
exceed 2600 F. The transmission must also be rated for gross engine horsepower and compatibility with
towing requirements as cited herein (see 3.2.1A). If a hydrostatic drive system is used, a torque converter
is not required,

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