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Page Title: Stop and taillights
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MIL-T-26025E (USAF)
The vehicle shall be equipped with headlights, taillights, parking lights, Vehicle lighting.
clearance lights, brake lights, turn signal lights and reflectors in accordance with Federal Motor Carrier
Safety Regulations. The turn signal operating units shall have visible and audible flash indicators; turn
signals shall be self-cancelling. Lights and reflectors shall not be mounted on the vertical surface of rub
rails or on vehicle bumpers. Interior lighting.
The cab and all compartments shall be provided with lighting adequate to
enable personnel to readily obtain equipment and perform all fictions necessary during night
operation. Sealed contact switches shall be provided to automatically illuminate the lights in the cab or a
compartment when its door is opened.  Headlights.  The tractor shall be equipped with a minimum of two automotive type sealed beam
type headlights having high beam and low beam control. Lamps shall have wide dispersion type lens,
shall be recessed behind the front bumper and shall be adjustable in the vertical and horizontal planes in
accordance with automotive practice. Light beam shall not be obstructed by any part of the tractor. Lens
shall be protected from breakage from accelerated impact (tool boxes, chock). The vehicle lights shall
conform to SAE J95. Stop and taillights.  Two red reflector type combination stop lights and tail lamps of not less
than 15 candle power and three candle power, respectively, shall be mounted on the rear of the tractor in a
recessed or guarded location. The stop lights shall operate automatically on actuation of the service
brakes.  Backup lights.  The vehicle shall be equipped with backup lights mounted in a suitable rear
location to prevent damage to the lights and provide light for the driver while backing. The backup lights
shall be activated automatically when the tractor is placed in reverse gear. Separate switch shall provide
for operation in forward gears. S p o t l i g h t ( s ) .  The manufacturer's standard commercial spotlight (s) shall be furnished, to
illuminate 180 degrees elevation can be capable of 360 rotation, forward of vehicle and to illuminate the
pintle, and aircraft. towing path. Illumination of pintle, towbar, and towpath maybe provided by means
of fixed lights. Controls shall be easily accessible to vehicle operator. Reflectors and c learance lights.
Reflectors and side clearance lights shall be installed on the
vehicle. Directional signals,.
A directional signal switch and a hazard switch with a lighting system
of two dual faced lights on the front at the sides of the grill and either the brake lights, or two dual faced
lights mounted on the rear shall be provided. Beacon.
A pulsating light with amber lens shall be mounted in the center of the cab roof. The
control switch shall be mounted on the instrument panel. If the beacon top exceeds the 102 inches
maximum height, it must be removable from the cab roof with hand tools. The beacon light shall be the
same as furnished commercially by the contractor. If the beacon has to be removed in order to meet the
height requirements, means must be provided to protect the tractor horn the elements. Pintle hook lights.  Separate lights to illuminate the rear and front pintle hooks shall be
provided, Switches for these lights shall be located in the instrument panel (see 3.4.5). Domelights.
Two domelights with integral individual on/off switch shall be provided. The
domelights shall be mounted on the cab roof and centered over the operator's and passenger's seats (in
center of adjustment range), Each light shall illuminate half of the cab adequately to allow reading of a
Horn.  The vehicle shall be equipped with an electrically Operated horn. The operating switch
shall be in the center of the steering wheel. A ring or spoke button is not acceptable. The installation of the

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