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Page Title: Brake system air compressor
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Brakes shall be certified by the component manufacturer for GVW rating of the
truck assembly.  Brake system air compressor.  The capacity of the air compressor
shall be sufficient for the intended service but shall be not less than 15.5
cubic feet per minute.  The air compressor shall be equipped with a governor and
the compressor intake shall be properly connected to an air cleaner.  An air
dryer shall be furnished and installed to remove moisture from the air. The
moisture removed from the air by the air drying system shall be disposed of
automatically and the moisture collector shall be winterized to prevent
stem air St orage reservoirs .  In conformance with DoT
requirements , air storage reservoirs with a buzzer-type low-pressure indicator
and a safety relief valve shall be provided.  The system shall be of the
quick-release buildup valve type with the air compressor connected to a small
reservoir which is pressure-relieved into the larger reseroirs when-the minimum
pressure is reached for optimum operation of the brake-system.  The time
required to reach operational pressure from zero pressure shall not exceed 30
If other than brake air supply requirements are to be supplied from
the reservoirs, a priority system shall be instilled to assure that an adequate
supply of air is always available to operate the brake system.  All wet tanks
shall have an auto-moisture ejector.
3.8,13.2  Par king brakes .  Parking brakes, conforming to DoT requirements,
shall be provided.  They shall be so mounted that they can be effective stall
times .  The operating controls of the parking brakes shall-be independent-mf the
operating controls of the service brakes.  A warning light in the cab shall
indicate when the parking brake is on/applied.  The parking brake shall be..
capable of meeting the performance requirements specified in paragraph 3.6.
3.8.13,3 Air brake emergencv system.  An emergency brake system shall be
The system shall be capable of being manually applied by the
operator seated in the driver's seat.  A manual or mechanical means co release
the brakes shall be provided when compressed air is not available to release the
brakes.  The emergency system shall also serve as a parking brake and shall
conform to DoT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Sections 393.41 and
ke Syst em air inl et.  An air inlet valve and coupling shall be
installed on the pump operator's control panel to allow an external air supply
to be connected to the brake system.
3.8.14  Ste ering mechansm .  The truck shall be equipped with a hydraulic
power assist steering mechanism.  The mechanism shall permit manual steering in
the event of failure of the hydraulic system, and shall be properly effective at
all truck speeds.  The system shall be furnished complete with all necessary
piping, valves, and accessories.  The steering mechanism shall provide for
controlling the direction of the fully loaded truck under all operating
conditions .  The cramping angle shall be the maximum permitted by the front axle

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