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Page Title: Outside rearview mirrors
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absorbing headliners and dashboard shall be provided.  Cab floors and walkways
shall be of heavy gage aluminum diamond plate.  A full circular wheel well
liner, with fenderette, shall "be furnished to protect against dirt and water
entry.  A rubber or flexible material mud flap of sufficient size shall be
furnished at the rear of each wheel well liner to protect against the splashing
entry of dirt and water.  The cab compartment shall meet the interior noise
criteria of DoT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Section 393.94 and
3.9.2 Seats.  All seats, front and rear, shall be upholstered over deep air
foam cushions with first grade black vinyl covering, suitable for fire service.
The driver's seat shall be a heavy-duty, four-way, adjustable air ride bucket
type .  The fire officer, passenger and the two rear facing seats (jump seats)
shall be the Ziamatic Quick-Seat type and may be manufactured by the fire truck
The fire officer/passenger seat shall not be less than 18 inches
wide and at least 34 inches shall be provided for leg and knee room in the space
measured from the front of the back rest, at the seat level, to the dash
(instrument) panel.  Each jump seat shall have a padded lower cushion of
suitable width and depth to provide ample seating for firefighters wearing turn
out gear and back strapped air packs.  The back of each jump seat shall have an
air breathing apparatus walk away bracket.  The bracket shall provide for
mounting of the air breathing apparatus in the upright position.  A series of
pre-drilled holes shall be provided in jump seat backs for vertical adjustment
of walk away brackets.  Each jump seat back shall be provided with padded
flanges on each side and forward of the breathing apparatus. Retractable seat
belts with shoulder straps shall be furnished and installed for the driver and
for each seated position provided, and be of sufficient length to accommodate
firemen wearing turn out gear.  All passenger seats, front and rear, shall be
equipped with head restraints.  The rearward facing jump seats shall provide
additional storage compartment(s) if available In the manufacturer's basic
design.  Mounting of the two jump seats in the rear section of the cab shall
allow for breathing apparatus regulators.
3.9.3 Outside rearview mirrors.  Outside reariew mirrors shall be mounted
on each side of the cab,  Combination (flat and convex) mirrors, secured by a
common housing/support, shall be furnished.  Each combination mirror shall have
at least 50 square inches of flat reflective area and a convex surface having at
least 20 square inches of reflective area.
3.9.4 Windshield wipers.  Heavy-duty electric operated windshield wipers
shall be mounted to facilitate clear vision.  The wipers shall be of such
capacity and coverage as to cleanse the windshield of rain, snow, ice, and agent
when used in conjunction with the defrosting system or windshield washer
mechanism.  The wipers shall be the vet arm type.  The wiper blades shall be of
sufficient length to clear at least 75 percent of windshield area.  Wiper
assemblies shall include features to permit speed control and return of the
wiper blades to a retracted position out of the line of vision when not in use.
3.9.5 Windshield washers.  Power operated windshield washers, equipped with
a minimum of l-gallon capacity plastic container for cleaning fluid, shall be

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