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Page Title: Controls and operating mechanisms
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3.9.8 Controls and operating mechanisms.  All controls and operating
mechanisms shall be located for left hand drive.  Controls shall be complete and
conveniently operable by the driver.  Lever controls shall be designed and
located to permit easy entrance and exit of operator, to and from driver's
compartment.  Instruments and controls shall be identified as to their function
and installed in a manner to facilitate removal and servicing.  Instrument
controls and wiring thereto shall be incorporated into modular design panels and
shall be removable by quick disconnects for ease of maintenance.
3.10 Fire Pump.  The fire pump shall be fitted with a gear drive or chain
drive transmission, shall be midship mounted, include provisions for a front
suction intake, and driven by the truck engine from the output shaft of the road
transmission.  The pump transmission system shall provide means for pump and
road operation.  The pump shift shall be the manufacturer's standard electric or
air shift, with a spring loaded cover guard over the control switch or lever. A
manual override shall be provided to permit mechanical shifting in the event of
electrical or air shift failure.  The manual override control shall be located
on the pump operator control panel, or within reach of the pump operator, and
shall be suitably identified.  A means shall be provided to assure that the pump
transmission is held in the pump position during pumping operations and that
when the pump transmission is in the pump position to cause the chassis
transmission to be held in the proper ratio for pumping (see 3.8.8).  A single
stage pump of the centrifugal type shall be provided.  The pump shall conform to
NFPA-1901 requirements.  An indicator light shall be mounted at the pump
operator's panel and on the cab instrument panel, to indicate to the operator
the pump control is properly engaged and it is safe to open the throttle and
initiate -pumping mode.  Controls for changing from road transmission to pump
transmission shall be operable from the driver's position and shall be
identified as to function.  ControLs for single-stage pump operation shall be
the manufacturer's standard and shall be operable from the fire pump operator's
control panel.  The impeller shaft shall be of corrosion-resistant steel. The
fire pump shall have the manufacturer's standard cast iron casing.  The pump
drive, gearing, and housing shall be such that at rated capacity and pressure,
the temperature rise in the gear oil will not exceed the maximum temperature
recommended by the pump manufacturer for continuous operation in an ambient
temperature of 125 F.  When required, oil cooling shall be provided by a water
jacket or cooling coils in the gear case constructed so as not to be damaged by
freezing.  All shafts in the pump gear train shall turn in anti-friction
bearings, except that the impeller shaft shall be provided with a minimum of two
inboard anti-friction bearings and an outboard bearing of either the
anti-friction or oil/water lubricated sleeve type,  All pump-shaft glands or
mechanical seals shall be adequate for service under operating conditions
specified herein.  The pump shall withstand a hydrostatic pressure of 350
pound-force per square inch (psig) for a period of 10 minutes.  Push-pull type
drain cocks, accessible at the pump operator's position and arranged so that the
open and closed position is clearly indicated, shall be provided to drain the
pump and all water carrying lines.  Drain cocks shall be of the water service
type and shall be equipped with positive stops.  Pump drain lines shall be
furnished and shall discharge to the ground at a point not above the bottom of
the chassis frame.  All threaded connections shall conform to FED-STD-H28. The
pump, when drafting at a minimum lift of 10 feet through 20 feet of 5-inch
suction hose, shall:

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